Inexpensive celebrity favorites


Photo Credit: Tiffany Hsu/MCT

Not sure what goes with what? Don’t be afraid to ask someone who works there.

We always see the extravagant outfits celebrities wear but never pay much attention to their everyday clothing. Celebrities shop at inexpensive places that have the cute clothing we love! We may think celebrities would never shop from stores that aren’t designer, but that is not the case. They put down their Gucci and Prada outfits to wear the same clothes Academy girls have in their closets.

If you’ve ever wondered where Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s famous outfits come from, you’ve come to the right place. Brandy Melville is one of the Jenner girls’ favorite stores. Other celebrities have also been seen in this brand. Vanessa Hudgens is another known for sporting the store’s clothing; from crop tops to floral patterns Hudgens is seen wearing them. Brandy Melville has an edgier side that people love. While the majority of her stores are in California, online shopping is available.

Topshop is another celebrity favorite in California with cute and affordable clothing. Unfortunately, there is no Topshop in Florida, but we can order their clothes off their website. Harry Styles, a member of the boy band One Direction is seen frequently wearing Topshop’s clothing.

Everyone loves going into H&M because they have great deals. You can buy basic tops and needed accessories here for a good price. Celebrities love shopping here for essentials. Beyonce is a spokes person for H&M and there are many pictures of her along the walls wearing their clothes. You may disagree with me, but I believe that If Beyonce wears H&M, everyone should wear it.

Big name celebrities don’t only shop at expensive stores, they love the same trends that we do! If you look at pictures of celebrities in their everyday life, they’re most likely wearing some of the brands we love.