Feelings You Have When You Don’t Make the Team


Sophomores Mia Lopez and Alexa Traviesa practice ground balls while preparing for the upcoming lacrosse season. Credit: Alexa Traviesa (used with permission)

Audrey Diaz , Sophomore Staff Writer

At the beginning of the fall, spring, and winter seasons, the Academy introduces a new variety of sports.This year, AHN teams have been very successful since the varsity volley ball team made it to district semi-finals and varsity soccer made it to state semi-finals.With many gifted and accomplished athletes at AHN, this time can bring fierce competition between those trying out for the season’s team. Despite a girl’s love for the sport, most tryouts can sadly result in many hopeful girls being cut.  

These are the stages an Academy girl goes through when getting cut:

When you first see your name not on the roster

friends confused joey


and falling into utter shock.

  Squading up with your friends who didn’t make it either
friendship girlhood bande de filles dancing group hug
but still having to act happy for the ones that did.
nice clapping yay aubrey plaza april ludgate

When everyone at school the next day asks if you made the team

no ron swanson tv parks and recreation

and you have to pretend you don’t care.

the office idgaf i dont care no fucks given i dont give a
 When the feeling of rejection finally sinks in
sadness inside out

but then you discover how much free time you will have now that you won’t have practice!

happy parks and recreation celebration celebrate chris pratt

And you realize that everything will be ok!

yes alison brie nice annie edison thumbs up