Emara Sáez
Emara Saez is a junior staff writer, a first year journalist, and an active participant in social justice. As a member of the Speech and Debate team, she informs herself what is going on all over the world. Her friends convinced her to join Academy’s Social Justice club, and she is looking forward to participating in it this year. She is passionate about environmental issues that might affect the future generations. Being the first-born American in her family, her first language was Spanish. She values her heritage, and being part of the Cuban-American community in Tampa. Saez is passionate about baking, and claims to be a professional cupcake maker. However, she “just can’t get cookies right.” She also likes to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, and practice her skills with her friends. Her favorite subject is history because she likes to learn about the past, and how it affects the world. In the future, she wants to be a lawyer to help underrepresented groups.

Emara Saez, Junior Staff Writer

School newspaper of Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa