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Audrey Diaz
Audrey Diaz is a Sophomore Staff Writer and a first-year journalist for Achona. She is excited for her sophomore year, and looks forward to writing for Achona. She enjoys spending time at Disney World, specifically the Magic Kingdom. Audrey is a member of the Academy lacrosse team and she is a part of theatre at Academy. Although it was a lot of hard work, Audrey greatly enjoyed her time with Hairspray last year, and is looking forward to this year’s school play, Bye Bye Birdie. Her favorite subject is government because she can easily apply it to daily life, and she has a unique knack for remembering people’s names. Although it is still a few years away, she wants to go to college at Ole Miss or somewhere in the northwest and study hospitality so she can get a job at an entertainment company such as Disney World. Audrey enjoyed her freshmen year because she got to meet all her new sisters, and she is most looking forward to mole day in her sophomore year. Audrey loves reading a blog called College Prepster and Buzzfeed In her free time, she loves to binge watch shows on Netflix especially Grey’s Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, and Parks & Recreation. Audrey also spends her free time going to local restaurants and shops such as Daily Eats and Lululemon.



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Audrey Diaz, Sophmore Staff Writer

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