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Hope Joffray
Hope Joffray, a senior, is a first year staffer. She enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, being creative, and sleeping. Joffray enjoys the simple things in life: food, coffee, music, family, and friendship. She’s a Varsity Jesuit Cheerleader, which she enjoys because it is how she met some of her closest friends. In and out of school she is involved in many things. She is the Vice President of Key Club, an involved member of Best Buddies, a part of the Dance for a Chance committee, and takes part in the Jesuit theater program. She loves to spend time with her mom, dad, brothers, and dogs. Joffray is still indecisive about what she would like to pursue when she goes to college, but is interested in the field of Nursing. She is incredibly excited about senior year because of the many things to look forward to including the several senior events, preparation for college, and the strengthening bond between her and her Academy sisters.

Hope Joffray, Senior Staff Writer

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Hope Joffray