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Kasey Brennan
Kasey Brennan is an Academy senior as well as a first-year journalist for Achona. Brennan has always had a knack for reading and writing, as she has had a liking towards English and English Literature for most of her life. She also is very passionate about music, as she is also a part of Achona’s multimedia staff working with Spotify. Brennan says her preferred music ranges all over the spectrum from indie pop to classic rock to even some classical music. She says she listens music to destress, focus, and connect emotionally with herself. Outside of school, Kasey is also a runner. She runs both for self enjoyment as well as on Academy’s track team. Outside of school, when she isn't swarmed with homework or sports practice, Brennan enjoys spending time with her group of friends and watching movies, as she claims to be a “movie fanatic”.  A favorite film of hers is Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. A unique aspect to Kasey’s life is her contributions to Academy’s golf team, which she has been a part of for the last two years. She thoroughly enjoys the game and has made many new friends through doing so. Brennan is currently looking in the Northeast for potential colleges and plans to major in psychology, as she wants to be a clinical psychologist in the future.

Kasey Brennan, Senior Staff Writer

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Kasey Brennan