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Mei Lamison
Editor-in-chief Mei Lamison is embarking her senior year as a third-year journalist for Achona Online. She is also a co-captain of AHN’s Speech and Debate team, been a member of Teen Leadership Council (TLC) since freshman year, and frequently works with an organization called Bess the Book Bus in which she is a member of their teen advisory board. Lamison’s favorite subject is English, specifically AP Literature (a class she is taking this year). Along with her love for English, she is passionate about using her voice to stand up for what is right when unjust situations occur in society. Attending Girls State and Girls Nation over the summer allowed her to learn more about American politics and draft bills which would benefit people in Florida, for example, a bill about gun control. This sheds light on her aspirations to study political science in college, preferably in Boston, New York, or Chicago, and become a politician or journalist. Her free time, however, consists of reading, playing the guitar, spending time with her dog, and watching Netflix. Lamison is a tea connoisseur as she cannot go a day without drinking at least two cups of it. She enjoys a variety such as jasmine, black tea, and hibiscus. Free time aside, Lamison looks forward to the coming year as Editor-in-chief, an accomplishment she has been anticipating since her sophomore year. She has more responsibilities and capabilities such as editing her peers’ articles and writing editorials. Yet, while she listens to her favorite self-made Spotify playlist, she eagerly awaits graduation with college looming in the distance. 

Mei Lamison, Editor-in-Chief

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