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Olivia Fernandez
Olivia Fernandez is a second-year Junior staff writer for Achona. She has been a part of Student Council (going on three years) and is currently holding the treasurer position. She enjoys watching Netflix, as she is currently binge-watching American Horror Story. She also is an ambassador for a company called Sand Cloud, in which she has to promote their products and their purpose as a brand by posting pictures and telling people about it. In her free time she loves taking photos with her friends, places she travels, or of herself and posts them to her Instagram. She began working at a surf shop called Surf Outfitter, located in Hyde Park Village, in February of 2017. She is passionate about working with technology and hopes to attend New York University and work with video production. Going into her Junior year she is excited for Junior Ring because she feels it’s one step closer to almost being a senior. 

Olivia Fernandez, Junior Staff Writer

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