Tips on Staying Focused During Class


Credit: Audrey Diaz

The best way to stop getting distracted by apps is to delete them.

Audrey Diaz, Sophomore Staff Writer

At school, it can be very easy to have your mind wander or stray away from class especially while having a Macbook and iPad. As Academy is approaching exam week, it is more and more important to stay focused in class, and to buckle down while in school. Here are some tips to help you get through class without having your mind wander!


Delete all distracting apps on your iPad or Macbook

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 No matter how fun Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can be, no amount of likes or snapchat streaks is worth a bad grade. Social Media can be very distracting, and the best way to avoid it is to delete it from your iPad. When asked about what the most distracting app is, Mrs. Danica Rodriguez stated, “Snapchat. It’s rude, distracting, and takes away from the lesson. The best thing to do is to take it off of your iPad.”.

Eat breakfast

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 Eating breakfast can get your metabolism running, and can wake up your brain. Also, not eating will surely make you hungry later and distract you while in class.


Get plenty of sleep

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 There is no worse way to not pay attention in class then to sleep through it! Getting the recommended amount of sleep (8 hours) can help your brain to truly process what your are learning.


Ask questions

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 Asking questions keeps you engaged in the lesson, and you are more likely to retain the information if you ask about it for yourself.

Be alert and take notice on what your teacher says is important

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 You never know, your teacher could be giving you hints on what will be on an upcoming test. “The best thing to do is constantly asking yourself, ‘Did what my teacher just make sense?’. If not, then immediately ask a question and get to the bottom of what you are not understanding.” says Rodriguez.


Don’t sit by your friends!

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  No matter how much you love talking to your friends, having a conversation during a lesson can keep you from focusing. Sophomore Jackie Beltram states, I can never sit by my friends in class because I will get so distracted!”.

Listen to music during independant parts of class

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 When given the time to work in class independently, listening to music can help to block outside noise and chatter. “I like to listen to music, it really helps me stay focused.” says Junior Ally Pazzi

Put your phone away

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Rodriguez states, “Phones are so distracting when it comes to focusing in class. Girls are distracted by social a world, or anything going on in outside life. Using your phone can lead to outside thoughts, negative and positive.”.