This year, Junior ring happens to fall on the same day as Inauguration day for President-elect Donald Trump. Credit: Riley Gillis

This year, Junior ring happens to fall on the same day as Inauguration day for President-elect Donald Trump. Credit: Riley Gillis

Do’s and Don’ts of Junior Ring

January 9, 2017

Every January,  Academy’s Junior class carries on the beloved Academy tradition of receiving their class rings.

The Junior Ring ceremony includes the passing of roses from Sophomores to Juniors as the class proceeds to the courtyard. Credit: Emily Wise

While Junior ring is an important and symbolic day to Juniors of officially becoming a part of the sisterhood, almost as important is what you do to ensure the day goes smoothly.

On January 20, 2017, the Academy Class of 2018 will officially become a part of the Academy sisterhood by receiving their class rings. To avoid an unforgettable trauma such as tripping onstage or looking back at cringeworthy photos from the big day, here is an Academy girl’s do’s and don’ts of Junior Ring Ceremony:


Don’t: Wear shoes you can’t walk in  

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As Murphy’s Law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Therefore, a tripping mishap is bound to happen if you wear shoes you can’t walk in.The best ways to avoid this include wearing a pair of reliable shoes that you may be used to walking in, practicing walking in your shoes around the house to break them in, or not picking too high of a heel.

Don’t: Wear too short of a dress

While choosing a dress for any event, it is important to dress to the occasion. As Junior ring is an event of great significance, therefore it is essential that one’s outfit reflects just that.

Junior Grade level coordinator Dr. Lauren Oetinger says, “The Junior Ring Ceremony is a time-honored tradition here at AHN. It is the first moment in which you and your sisters will fully enter into what it means to be an Academy Woman, and join in the ranks of the hundreds of others who share your values and bear your crest.  Let this guide you and I am sure you will do just fine.”

For those who are more literal minded, dress code for Junior Ring includes: not too tight, a dress should be no shorter than five inches above the knee, shoulders should be covered to the extent you can (wide straps are fine but the majority of the shoulder should be covered), keep the neckline respectful, keep your back covered, and if wearing pants, they should be of nice material.

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Oetinger says, “The idea is for you to represent who you are as a young woman through your style. You are being presented to the AHN community as the rising leadership in the school. How do you want to be represented? Who are you? Does your style reflect that?”

Don’t: Be late

Senior Ally Wehle knows all too well the importance of planning ahead for possible all possible traffic situations, especially after she was left to sprint down Bay to Bay the morning of the 2016 Junior ring ceremony.

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Wehle says, “I live about thirty minutes away from Academy, so I had planned accordingly what time to leave my house the morning of Junior Ring. My family and I were going the regular way we usually go to get to South Tampa when 15 minutes into the drive, traffic all of a sudden came to a halt. It turned out that a road was closed, and there was no information about it on the news or anything. I checked my phone to see that it was 8:30, the time I was specifically told to be in the courtyard to line up. 25 minutes later traffic began moving again, and we finally reached Bay to Bay with exactly three minutes left until my class was scheduled to proceed down the Brady Center to begin the ceremony.  My dad then stopped on Bay to Bay and my sister and I ran out of the car and I ran into the Brady Center. By the time I got there, my class had already began walking down the aisle. I quickly ran to my place (which thankfully was at the back of the line) gasping for air as I was trying to recover from my rigorous sprint. If anything, that experience taught me to always check for road closure, especially on days of big events!”


Do: Bring an Umbrella

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Senior Kendall Perez says, “The day of our Junior Ring ceremony, the garage was brand new so everyone was encouraged to park over there. Unfortunately that morning there was a complete downpour, and we had a long way to walk from the garage to the courtyard. Luckily, most of us brought umbrellas, keeping our hair and dresses from getting completely soaked. I would definitely recommend being prepared for all weather conditions, and checking the forecast before you leave the house.”

Do: Get a subtle nail color

Senior Haley Schumann says, “A light pink or coral is my go-to color for special events, and Junior Ring was no exception.” Credit: Audrey Anello/ Achona Online

Since your hands (especially the one with the ring) will be the primary focus of photos taken that day, the last thing you need is a vibrant nail color to take away from the ring. Simple colors such as nude, light pink, or ivory are suitable for a simple look.


Do: Take lots of photos

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After all, the moment Juniors receive their rings and process out of the Brady center, courtyard photos becomes a hotspot for snapchat, instagram, and facebook posts to come. So be sure to take lots of photos to document an unforgettable part of the Academy experience.


Do: Make the most of the day 

“Looking back at the day, I remember Junior Ring to be one of my favorite Academy experiences so far. Getting my ring made me feel like I was then truly a part of the Academy sisterhood and tradition. It’s such a special day, so I recommend making the absolute most of it because it only happens once” says Senior Haley Schumann.


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