Ambassadors Reveal Unique Questions asked by Perspective Students

October 13, 2017


Patty Bohannan was the first club moderator. (Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/ Achona Online)

As high school seniors prepare to apply to college, local eighth graders are preparing to do the same thing for high school. Unlike most high schools, Academy requires their perspective students to take an exam and sit for an interview. As part of this process, Academy also sends current students to local feeder schools to talk to the girls about attending the Academy.

To current 8th graders, the possibility of going to an all-girls school can be perplexing. This can lead to some unique questions being asked by the prospective students.

On one trip Greta Dieck (‘19) was asked, “Is it torture? Like not being around boys all the time…is it torture?”

On another recruiting trip, a prospective student asked Blakely Byrd (‘19), “Do the girls shave their legs, because based on you, it does not seem that way.”

Julia Lee (‘18) recalls being asked, “do you guys still have the Zoey 101 room?”

“All of us were confused because we did not even know what that was,” said Lee. “It turns out the eighth graders were referring to Academy’s infamous iLabs.”

Christina Suarez-Solar (‘18) was once asked, “Do you guys ever get crushes on your male teachers?” Suarez-Solar recalls laughing and telling the girls, “no they are all so old.”

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