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Vice President Kamala Harris said during a briefing, "Thank you Mr. President for having confidence in me. We must address the root causes that cause people to make the trek, to come here."
Vice President Kamala Harris Appointed to Lead Diplomatic Efforts Addressing Immigration
Kimberly Egoavil, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

This past Wednesday, March 24, President Joe Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would be the person assigned to lead the administration's diplomatic efforts...

Contradicting Takes on Education in Florida
March 30, 2021

Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program has covered tuition fees for thousands of Florida students — either 75% or 100% of tuition and...

Congress’s Push For Year-Round Daylight Saving Time
March 18, 2021

“Spring forward.” “Fall back.” Since Daylight Saving Time was first introduced to the U.S. in the midst of World War I, it has been met...

CDC Changes Guidelines For Vaccinated Individuals
March 11, 2021

For those who have been vaccinated, the light at the end of the tunnel is near as they are allowed to return to some sense of normalcy. Over...

With the seniors wearing blue and the juniors wearing yellow the two teams were ready to play each other.
Powder Puff 2021: Juniors vs. Seniors
Bella Besece, Junior Staff Writer • March 25, 2021

On Friday, March 19, the annual flag football game between the seniors and juniors took place, known as powder puff. The teams are coached by three Jesuit high school football...

SeaPerch Underwater Robotics Club Begins First Season Ever
March 25, 2021

When it comes to engineering, innovation and discovery are always on the Academy's radar — especially when finding ways to incorporate women...

Students Volunteer During Mission Week at the Academy
March 10, 2021

From Monday, March 1, through Thursday, March 4, students and faculty took part in the Academy's annual mission week, yet because of the pandemic,...

Seniors Sarah Manck (
Academy's Lacrosse and Tennis Teams Celebrate Senior Night
Daegan Walker, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 29, 2021

Wednesday, Mar. 24 was senior night for Academy's Lacrosse team. Seniors Sarah Manck and Abbey Crowther were honored during the game. The team played hard and came out...

Student Spotlight: Junior Sophia Pyne Verbally Commits to Play DI Lacrosse
March 5, 2021

Pyne, captain, draw specialist. Regardless of how you refer to her, Sophia Pyne (’22) is an undeniable athlete— whether it be on the court...

Senior Athletes Recognized at "Senior Signing" Day
February 14, 2021

Wednesday, Feb. 10, seniors Grace Cronen, Rachel Petrarca, Jessica, Reynolds, Maddie Rodriguez, and Belle Sardja participated in AHN’s “Senior...

The Tennis and Crew Teams Begin their Spring Seasons
February 10, 2021

On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the varsity tennis team (there is no junior varsity team) began their season with a win against Carrollwood Day...

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Culture and Childhood Experiences Affect on Food
Olivia Martinez and Anika Schmid March 29, 2021

Do you like sardines? Have you ever tried them before? How were they prepared? What did you like or dislike about them?  Oftentimes, people...

The Importance of Dialects and Cultural Differences
Olivia Martinez, Senior Staff Writer • March 15, 2021

Have you ever been asked where your accent is from or why you say a word a certain way? If so, you most likely speak a regional dialect.  Merriam-Webster...

 Shows such as netflix’s “Ginny & Georgia” are often criticized, despite the fact that they were clearly made for casual, not critical, viewing.
In Defense of Poorly Written Television
Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

Oftentimes, many viewers are overly critical of TV shows and movies because they are not good from an analytical standpoint. Whether it be that a show did not fulfill...

Name Recognition Allows Big Companies to Make Mediocre Content
Isabel Bequer, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 25, 2021

“Wandavision,” Marvel’s most recent release, has sparked the internet and general public’s interest, with many praising the show’s...

#FreeBritney Movement Creates Conservatorship Controversy
Avery Rogan , Contributing Sophomore Staff Writer • March 23, 2021

The recent New York Time’s documentary "Framing Britney Spears" has brought attention to the 2000s pop singer’s legal situation. Spears’...

Politics 101 Part One: Common Political Terms
Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 15, 2021

The high numbers of misinformation in the past election highlights the need for more informed voters. It is important for all citizens to be...

Jollibee: Reviewing the Drive-Thru Experience
Maddie Glaum, Senior Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

Jollibee — “Home of the Famous ChickenJoy.” Hmm. Is joy really the word I would use?  For me, Jollibee is by no means an unfamiliar name. As the subject of countless Mukbang videos from notorious fast-food-connoisseur Nikocado...

Local Coffee vs. Chains (VIDEO)
Daegan Walker, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 19, 2021

Sophomore Staff Writer Daegan Walker stopped at four different cafes around Tampa: two chains and two local places in order to try out their coffee and see which was her favorite. She went to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Buddy Brew, and DI...

Neon Genesis Evangelion remains one of the most influential animes to exist. The show continues to inspire millions, including the fashion industry, since its release in the 90
Neon Genesis Evangelion and its Importance on Anime
Sophia Garcia, Junior Staff Writer • March 29, 2021

From elite fashion shows to excessive merchandise, Neon Genesis Evangelion has been an enormous influence on Japanese culture and the anime industry in general. The new Undercover...

Bad Bunny Promotes Inclusivity and Popularizes Latin Music
Kimberly Egoavil, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 23, 2021

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. His early career started in 2016-2017...

The Controversy Surrounding Sia's Movie "Music"
Winsome Storm, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 23, 2021

On Nov. 19, 2020, the trailer was released for Sia’s directorial debut, “Music.” It stars Kate Hudson as Zu, Leslie Odom Jr. as Ebo, and...

Are the Grammys Reflective of an Artists’ Success or Does Bias Halt Recognition?
Anika Schmid and Olivia Martinez March 19, 2021

On March 14, 2021, the 63rd annual Grammy Award Ceremony was live-streamed on CBS. Due to the pandemic, the show had no live audience this year...

Trying Viral TikTok Food Trends (VIDEO)
Kimberly Egoavil, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 17, 2021

In this video, Sophomore Staff Writer Kimberly Egoavil tries out three viral TikTok food trends. She makes and tries the...

Getting to Know Musical Arts Director Nancy Mizzell (VIDEO)
Olivia Martinez, Senior Staff Writer • February 25, 2021

Music Teacher Nancy Mizzell was interviewed by Senior Staff Writer Olivia Martinez. In the interview, she discusses her...

I realized that, even if the stress is unrelated, this helps every time.
An Unexpected Way to Find Peace When Anxious
Anna Anderson, Contributing columnist • March 17, 2021

Confession seems scary. I am totally one of those people who is slightly shaking every time. It is actually a great way to get rid of anxiety, although it may not seem that...

Jesus Says to be like Children — This is What He Means
Anna Anderson, Contributing Columnist • March 11, 2021

I learned a few valuable lessons this morning. This morning, I walked into the chapel before school to give 10 minutes to the Lord. I saw...

Let Him Hold You in the Storm
Anna Anderson, Contributing columnist • March 2, 2021

“A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat, so that it was already filling up. Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion.” I’m...

Positive Super Bowl Commercials
Anna Anderson, Contributing columnist • February 16, 2021

Many of the Super Bowl commercials this year did not quite add up to our expectations. There were a few good ones, though. It was nice to see...

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