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The jobs of case workers involve protecting children and family reunification.
CPS: What Do They Do?
Winsome Storm, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 5, 2021

Child Protective Services is the branch of a state’s social services that is responsible for the “assessment, investigation and intervention regarding cases of child abuse...

USDA Extends Free School Lunch Program
April 30, 2021

On Apr. 20, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it would extend its free school lunch program for every K-12 student through...

Vice President Kamala Harris Appointed to Lead Diplomatic Efforts Addressing Immigration
March 30, 2021

This past Wednesday, March 24, President Joe Biden announced that Vice President Kamala Harris would be the person assigned to lead the administration's...

Contradicting Takes on Education in Florida
March 30, 2021

Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program has covered tuition fees for thousands of Florida students — either 75% or 100% of tuition and...

Since AP Biology is a class mixed with seniors, it has gotten significantly smaller. The students who remain spend their class time practicing for their exam.
Academy Takes Annual AP Exams
Bella Besece, Junior Staff Writer • May 5, 2021

Throughout the month of May, many different AP exams will be taking place.  The College Board is administering its traditional format for exams the first two weeks of...

AHN Theatre Department Releases "One Singular Sensation"
April 30, 2021

On Apr. 26, the Academy's performing arts department produced the spring musical, ““One Singular Sensation-A Salute to the American Musical.”...

Where’s the Spirit in Spirit Week?
April 29, 2021

The week of Apr. 19, AHN celebrated its second Spirit Week of the year. The dress down themes included “Champa Bay,” “Music Genre Day,”...

Academy Students Perform in the Disney Outdoors Spring Pops Concert
April 29, 2021

On Friday, Apr. 23 and Saturday, Apr. 24, Academy's Spring Popss Concert took place. Music students in Quarter Notes, percussion ensemble, string...

The AHN Softball team
AHN Softball Senior Night 2021
Bella Besece, Junior Staff Writer • April 19, 2021

On April 16, 2021, the Academy Softball team celebrated their senior night with a game against Academy at the Lakes.  Zeta Bennett (‘21) says, “Senior night was...

Academy's Lacrosse and Tennis Teams Celebrate Senior Night
March 29, 2021

Wednesday, Mar. 24 was senior night for Academy's Lacrosse team. Seniors Sarah Manck and Abbey Crowther were honored during the game. The...

Student Spotlight: Junior Sophia Pyne Verbally Commits to Play DI Lacrosse
March 5, 2021

Pyne, captain, draw specialist. Regardless of how you refer to her, Sophia Pyne (’22) is an undeniable athlete— whether it be on the court...

Senior Athletes Recognized at "Senior Signing" Day
February 14, 2021

Wednesday, Feb. 10, seniors Grace Cronen, Rachel Petrarca, Jessica, Reynolds, Maddie Rodriguez, and Belle Sardja participated in AHN’s “Senior...

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Culture and Childhood Experiences Effect on Food
Olivia Martinez and Anika Schmid March 29, 2021

Do you like sardines? Have you ever tried them before? How were they prepared? What did you like or dislike about them?  Oftentimes, people...

The Importance of Dialects and Cultural Differences
Olivia Martinez, Senior Staff Writer • March 15, 2021

Have you ever been asked where your accent is from or why you say a word a certain way? If so, you most likely speak a regional dialect.  Merriam-Webster...

Clicktivism, the act of showing support for a political or social issue through the internet, gained popularity over the summer in response to the injustices that occurred.
Clicktivism: Activism in the Age of Social Media
Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 7, 2021

The death of George Floyd sparked a public outcry both in the form of civil unrest and activism on social media. As these atrocities continue to happen, the downside...

How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine
Winsome Storm, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 3, 2021

On Apr. 5, the Florida Department of Health began allowing all adults, as well as 16 and 17 year olds, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently,...

NFTs, What are they?
Sophia Garcia, Junior Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

With the rise of technology in our modern world, the limits on how far creative endeavors can go is endless. Shawn Mendes, Kanye West, Björk,...

The Prevalent Issue of Digital Art Theft
Anika Schmid, Senior Staff Writer • April 21, 2021

Recently, Achona has had concerns regarding the protection of our cover photos from theft or unauthorized use. Our solution: a watermark made...

Five Local Alternatives to Fast Food Restaurants
Kimberly Egoavil, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 3, 2021

Though fast food is extremely convenient, it is often unhealthy and unethical. In the Tampa Bay area, there are many other restaurants or small businesses that one could support. In this article, five different local alternatives to popular...

Jollibee: Reviewing the Drive-Thru Experience
Maddie Glaum, Senior Staff Writer • March 30, 2021

Jollibee — “Home of the Famous ChickenJoy.” Hmm. Is joy really the word I would use?  For me, Jollibee is by no means an unfamiliar name. As the subject of countless Mukbang videos from notorious fast-food-connoisseur Nikocado...

Bands are starting to schedule tours for this summer and fall.
Concerts Are Coming Back to Florida
Daegan Walker, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 7, 2021

It’s been a year since most mainstream artists and bands have played shows. Back in March 2020, multiple concerts and festival gigs were canceled due to Covid-19. Now that...

Shadow and Bone: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Katia Huddleston, Junior Staff Writer • May 5, 2021

DISCLAIMER: This article contains major spoilers for the Shadow and Bone series On Apr. 23, the long-anticipated screen adaptation of Leigh...

Twenty One Pilots Preview Long-Awaited New Album
Gigi Alfonso, Sophomore Staff Writer • May 5, 2021

May 21 is the current release date of Twenty One Pilots’ new album, “Scaled and Icy”. It’s been three years since they made an album,...

Marvel Continues the Legacy of Captain America in “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”
Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer • April 26, 2021

First airing on March 19, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” or “TFATWS,” is the second release of Marvel Phase IV. This six episode...

Organization with Notion (VIDEO)
Raquelle Elson, Sophomore Staff Writer • April 23, 2021

Notion is an all-in-one digital with notes, calendars, and other features to help students better their organizational...

Trying Viral TikTok Food Trends (VIDEO)
Kimberly Egoavil, Sophomore Staff Writer • March 17, 2021

In this video, Sophomore Staff Writer Kimberly Egoavil tries out three viral TikTok food trends. She makes and tries the...

Both virtual and in-person students watched as Jeanine Ramirez (
Students Write Op-Eds Advocating for Preserving Tampa Bay's Environment
April 28, 2021

The Academy's Our Earth club organized an array of activities from Apr. 19 through the 23 in celebration of Earth Day. And during Rose Project, Alumna Jeanine Ramirez ('16)...

If you have ever been rejected, this is the article for you.
Anna Anderson, Contributing columnist • April 26, 2021

Rejection is really hard. But God will never reject you. Recently, when I was at Mass, our priest, Fr. Anthony, gave a fantastic homily on rejection,...

An Unexpected Way to Find Peace When Anxious
Anna Anderson, Contributing columnist • March 17, 2021

Confession seems scary. I am totally one of those people who is slightly shaking every time. It is actually a great way to get rid of anxiety,...

Jesus Says to be like Children — This is What He Means
Anna Anderson, Contributing Columnist • March 11, 2021

I learned a few valuable lessons this morning. This morning, I walked into the chapel before school to give 10 minutes to the Lord. I saw...

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