Girls of the Garden Club is a three act play.

Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online.

“Girls of the Garden Club” is a three act play.

Spring Comedy, “Girls of the Garden Club,” Begins Preparation

February 26, 2018

This year, Advanced and Intro to Acting students will be putting on a comedy entitled, “Girls of the Garden Club.” The combined class, comprised of 16 students, will be performing this full-length play in the Bailey Center on Mar. 22-23.

The set for “Girls of the Garden Club” takes up the entire Lynch stage (Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online).

“Girls of the Garden Club” is a three act comedy by John Patrick. The story is centered around Rhoda Greenleaf, played by Mia Torres (‘18), and her plan to overthrow the Garden Club President, Lillybelle Lamont, played by Gracie Wipfli (‘18), so that she will finally be able to have her own greenhouse. Every student in the class will take on a specific role and most of them will play members of the garden club.

The cast includes:

  • RHODA: Mia Torres (’18)
  • VINCENT: Alexander Pena  (Jesuit)
  • MARIGOLD: Caitlin Otte (’22)
  • CORA: Adrianna Radice (’19)
  • DILLSON: Christopher Gold (Jesuit)
  • EVIE: Lyric Vickers (’18)
  • DORA: Francoise Corser (’18)
  • BIRDIE: Isabella Onken (’18)
  • DEDE: Alexa Fredericks (’21)
  • CLARA: Julia Barreto (’18)
  • LILLYBELLE: Gracie Wipfli (’18)
  • AGNES: Pwania Taylor (’18)
  • MADGE: Adriana James-Rodil (’22)
  • ZELDA: Kailey McDonald (’22)
  • FRANCINE: Grace Cronen (’22)
  • ANGELICA: Adriana Seise (’22)
The TV screen backstage enables cast members to know exactly when to make entrances and exits (Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online).

“I’m so excited for this show because it’s really different than anything we’ve done at the Academy,” Torres said, “but we still have a lot of work to get done. The show is going to be very funny and entertaining so everyone should come out and see it.”

Cast members must learn how to pronounce over twenty different plant names. (Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online).

Actors have been rehearsing tirelessly for about a month. The typical schedule for a member of this show includes three times a school week and every Saturday.

The cast of “Girls of the Garden Club” is made up of 17 women and 2 men (Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online).

Radice said, “I’m looking forward to this show, because it’s really engaging and hilarious. I’m hoping that a lot of our sisters will come and show out.”

This is the second comedy play of the school year (Photo Credit: Gracie Wipfli/Achona Online).
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