AHN Girls Share Their Favorite Makeup Products

October 3, 2016

Makeup is a form of self-expression. Through the makeup you use, you can describe yourself to be anything you want. Not to mention it is so fun to use. When going to a party or to homecoming, it is easy to say that every girl’s favorite part is getting ready with friends while doing each other’s makeup.
Not all girls can be good at makeup, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it. The happiness an Academy girl feels at a makeup store is like the happiness of a kid at a candy store. The variety of brands, colors, textures, and brushes is endless. Some of Academy’s favorite makeup products are as follows.


The most popular makeup store is Sephora. There is one located at every mall and they have the largest variety of brands and products. Sephora also offers makeup appointments for special events and every once in awhile,they have special sales.


Freshman Amelia Traviesa finds her favorite product and brands at Sephora.

She explains, “I like Sephora because they have my favorite brand, Benefit. From the brand, the boxed blushes are my favorite, but Benefit also provides skincare products.”

“I like Sephora because they have my favorite brand,Benefit. The boxed blushes are my favorite.

Benefit's four best boxed blushes from Sephora
photo credit: Amelia Traviesa (used with permission)
Benefit’s four best-boxed blushes from Sephora

Senior Laney Rodriguez also buys her go-to powder from Sephora.

She explains, “I swear by Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder. It is magical.”

The magical Laure Mercier setting powder
Photo credits: Laura Mercier’s twitter post 
The magical Laure Mercier setting powder

Sephora’s main competitor is MAC, with lots of premium products in high-demand.

Junior Bella Kirkpatrick explains, “my favorite brand is MAC because it is really good and the people there always have what you need and give you tips.”

All of Bella Kirkpatricks favorite MAC products
photo credit: Bella Kirkpatrick (used with permission)
All of Bella Kirkpatrick’s favorite MAC products

MAC’s best customer and biggest fan is senior Olivia Stevens.
She explains, “I’m old school MAC. I use all their products including their bronze palette, blush, foundation, and lipstick. They are all extremely high quality and well made. I got my makeup done there for my senior pictures, and  it looked amazing. I highly recommend them.  I want to buy all of MAC.”

The final product of Olivia Steven's MAC makeup appointment for her senior pictures
photo credit: Olivia Stevens (used with permission)
The final product of Olivia Steven’s MAC makeup appointment for her senior pictures

The newest lipstick trend is Kylie Jenner’s famous LipKits. The products are found on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Created by Kylie Jenner, the products consist of a small package of a lipliner with a lip gloss. They are very affordable but also in high demand. Kylie Jenner offers a large and bold variety of colors, both lip-glosses and lip-mattes. In addition,Kylie Jenner also created choices of single lip-glosses, single mattes and single metals.


Freshman Olivia Williams is a frequent Kylie LipKit buyer.
She explains, “I have three lip-glosses, Posie K, Candy K, and Heir Metal. I like them because they are unique, inexpensive and they look good on my skin tone.”

Olivia and her friends share each others Lipkits, only three of these are Olivia's
photo credit: Olivia Williams (used with permission)
Olivia and her friends share each others LipKits, only three of these are Olivia’s.

Makeup is every girl’s favorite accessory because it makes them feel pretty. It comes in every shape and color imaginable and can be a daily necessity. AHN girls tend to favor these makeup products due to their happy experiences while wearing them.

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