Teachers: They’re Just Like Us!

May 15, 2017

Mrs. Z too takes artsy photos after exercising! Credit: Rebecca Zambrano (used with permission)

Mrs. Z too takes artsy photos after exercising! Credit: Rebecca Zambrano (used with permission)


Us Weekly is a New York based entertainment and celebrity magazine of which documents the day-to-day lives of Hollywood’s elite. Published weekly, the magazine features a recurring section entitled “Stars, They’re Just Like US, showing celebrities performing day-today activities such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, or eating at restaurant.

Often times when teachers are spotted outside of the classroom in the “real world”, students are astounded.  

Ways teachers are just like us include:

1) They enjoy exercising

Mrs. Rebecca Zambrano enjoys numerous forms of exercise, especially running. Credit: Rebecca Zambrano (used with permission)

2) They spend time with their pets

“They’re a lively bunch.” says Mr. Paul Sloshberg. Credit: Audrey Diaz/Achona Online

3) They go to Disney

Teachers Melissa LeBlanc, Megan Dubee, and Anne Mikos meet Elsa as Disney World. Credit: Melissa LeBlanc (used with permission)

4) They snap selfies

Learning Resource Specialist Danica Rodriguez meets a kangaroo while in Australia. Credit: Danica Rodriguez (used with permission)

5) They spend time with their family

Principal Stephanie Nitchals and daughter, Katherine after this year’s Junior Ring ceremony. Credit: Katherine Nitchals (used with permission)

6) They go on adventures

Learning Resource Specialist  Olivia Martinez has been skydiving twice. Credit: Olivia Martinez (used with permission)

7) They appreciate memes

APUSH teacher Lori Kearney begins each class with a historical meme. Credit: Lori Kearney (used with permission)

8) They relax in their leggings

Teacher Dr. Lauren Oetinger relaxes with her four-year-old daughter, Emma. Credit: Lauren Oetinger (used with permission)
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