A(cat)emy Girls and Their Felines

October 23, 2017


According to Sharrieff, Lindsey Ulbricht is Marco’s godmother. Credit: Talia Sharrieff (used with permission)

In a world where around 74% of the population claims to be “dog people”, it can be hard to find people who can truly understand the intelligence, affection, and companionship that cats have to offer.

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Owning a cat does not only boost your immunity and decrease your risk of heart attack, but it also reduces stress and anxiety. To help cope with the stresses of homework, sports, clubs, or any other extracurriculars, a few Academy girls have their feline friends to turn to. Academy girls and their cats include:


Cats are the only animal to walk on their claws, not on the pads of their feet. Credit: Ava Accardi (used with permission)

Owner: Ava Accardi (‘20)

Cat: Zeus

Fun Fact: “We named Zeus after the Greek god because after going to Greece and seeing so many cats there, my family wanted to get one,” says Accardi.


The average cat sleeps 16-18 hours a day. Credit: Sophia Doussan (used with permission)

Owner: Sophia Doussan (‘18)

Cat: Iggy

Fun Fact: “We call Iggy the ‘problem child’ because he’s always meowing even in the middle of the night and runs into things then acts as if nothing ever happened afterwards,” says Doussan.


Before Sharrieff adopted Marco, he contracted a parasite in his eye due to insufficient care by the shelter. When Sharrieff went to pick out a kitten, it was Marco’s unique eye that made her pick him. Credit: Talia Sharieff (used with permission)

Owner: Talia Sharrieff (‘18)

Cat: Marco Rubio

Fun Fact: “When we first brought him home, Marco was a lot more shy than my other cats, and would run away and hide all the time. Trying to find him was like a game of Marco Polo, so I decided to name him Marco Polo. It was later on I decided that Marco Rubio was a more fitting name,” said Sharrieff


Ollie is a Ragdoll, which is one of the largest known cat breeds. Credit: Maddy Ruppel (used with permission)

Owner: Maddy Ruppel

Cat: Ollie

Fun Fact: “Ollie’s preferred hang-out and sleeping spot is in the sink,” says Ruppel.


Cats can make more than 100 vocal sounds. Credit: Audrey Boos (used with permission)

Owner: Audrey Boos (‘20)

Cat: Sailor

Fun Fact: “Sailor is obsessed with playing with water and going under it,” says Boos.


Like humans shake hands when meeting, cats touch noses. Credit: Lauren Lavery (used with permission)

Owner: Lauren Lavery (‘18)

Cats: LBC and Chester

Fun Fact: “Chester is a picky eater and never sleeps, and LBC weighs 13 pounds and loves Chick-Fil-A,” says Lavery.

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