Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez were just some of the many celebrities who influenced fashion in the 90s.

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90s Fashion Trends Return

January 22, 2019

Decades are defined by many things including music and trends. However, fashion can truly define a decade and a generation. Fashion is always changing, with new trends appearing everyday. Recently, many trends from the 90s have returned.

Madison Chandler (‘19) says, “I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of 90s influence in clothing recently. Personally, I haven’t really gotten in to it myself, but I think it is really cool to see this style on other people.”

Chunky sneakers, round sunglasses, denim, cargo pants and mom jeans were just some of the 90s fashion trends that resurfaced in 2018. Many celebrities post 90s inspired looks on social media, which can potentially cause their followers to dress in a similar style.

Sofia Tweed (‘20) says, “Celebrities on social media have definitely popularized this style. By posting their 90s inspired looks, I think that the trend has been reflected by a lot of young people who follow them on social media.”

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One reason that 90s fashion is returning is due to the nostalgic effect it has on millennials. By taking articles of clothing that are similar to pieces sold in the 90s and combining it with modern style, young people can are able to put a fashionable twist on clothing that they might have worn in their childhood.

While many people support the idea of the return of 90s, some criticize brands for taking advantage of the consumer. Brands that were relatively affordable in the 90s are selling their clothing for a higher price today.

Maria Almendares (‘19) says, “I definitely have seen the trends coming back. I do not like how big name brands are profiting off of a style that is coming back, when the style used to be regarded as low quality and was an economic choice. I personally have been part of it by wearing scrunchies and Keds. For me, it is more about comfort and not style, but I still think it is cool to bring this fashion back.”

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