Europe’s New Underwater Museum Raises Environmental Awareness

January 25, 2017


Photo Credit: Valerie White/Achona Online.

Taylor also contributed sculptures to other underwater museums located in the Antilles, the Bahamas, and Mexico.

Last week, Museo Atlantico (Atlantic Museum) opened as Europe’s first underwater museum, located off the island Lanzarote in Spain. The museum was under construction for about two years, and features over 300 sculptures created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Taylor’s vision for his collection reflects the connection between humanity and the ocean: or more specifically how humanity’s actions have an impact on the environmental issues occurring in the ocean today. 

The sculptures underwater are of everyday people, and are created out of eco-friendly concrete. This substance anchors the sculptures 12-15 feet deep into the ocean floor, whilst also forming an artificial reef for breeding purposes of coral and fish species in the area.

Senior Sarah Tevlin says, “I think it’s a really cool project to bring awareness to the environmental issues happening in our oceans. The artificial reef is a good idea; however, I think we can restore the environment by also participating in everyday conservation.”

When asked about ways to conserve in her everyday life, Freshman Sophia Arnold said, “I think protecting the trees is a really easy way to help the environment. Recycling, using less paper, and not littering are some ideas.”

Sophomore Isabella Leandri said, “Another idea is to not use more water than needed when watering your lawn.”

This innovative museum is a great conversation starter about environmental awareness, and an interesting recreational place to swim and snorkel.

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