Life Skills You Learn From Going to AHN

November 1, 2016

Senior Haley Schumann states,

Senior Haley Schumann states, “Not only do I know Academy has given me skills that will be useful after I graduate, but it has also given me friends of whom I will always consider to be sisters for the rest of my life.” Credit: Sofia Varon (A’ 16)

Going to an all girls school, Academy students are destined to have a high-school experience like no other. From the first day of freshman year to the final bow at graduation, the years in between are filled with unique experiences, which prepare Academy girls for the journey of life itself. They are:

How to make yourself look somewhat presentable in under two minutes

“My morning routine consists of running a brush through my hair, and doing absolutely nothing else,” says Junior Amber Pedregal.

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How to run on three hours of sleep
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How to whip out a perfect essay in less than 30 minutes  
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 Knowing how to handle your friend having a mental breakdown from stress
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The ability to bake a mass production of cookies within a day’s notice
Junior Katherine Hahn states, “All thanks to the hundreds of bake sales I have baked for, at this point I could probably have my own show on Food Network.
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You can French Braid like nobody’s business
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The understanding that riding an elevator is a privilege, not a right
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 You know countless bonding/ice-breaker games

Upon reflecting on her Academy experience, alum Victoria Valdes (A’ 14) claims, “Academy has definitely contributed to building my social skills. I’ve always been a pretty personable individual, but Academy instilled a sense of confidence in me so that I was able to make others feel comfortable when communicating with me, even if they didn’t know me on a personal level. My openness and genuine personality allow me to be more approachable to others.”

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Life Skills You Learn From Going to AHN