Food Phobias of Academy

September 26, 2016

There is nothing worse than when a waiter does not follow directions!

photo credits: Bella Guerra (used with permission

There is nothing worse than when a waiter does not follow directions!

Academy girls love to eat. There is somehow a potent smell of Chick-fil-A breakfast staining the halls on Wednesday mornings and sweets-galore on birthdays. As the lunch bell rings, it is fight to the death to make it to SAGE and it is just like survival of the fittest. Although the students have a nice appetite, it does not mean there are not certain foods that haunt them with bad memories or leave them with a twitchy eye and a gag reflex. Some would even take it far enough to consider it a phobia.

One of the most common dislikes amongst the senior class are oranges.

“I hate oranges more than anything, The color, the smell, and the taste of everything orange,” shared Katherine Garcia.

Danielle Gutierrez couldn’t agree more, “[I] freaking hate oranges, the scent, texture, taste, anything orange makes me want to rip my limbs off.”

Friends of Danielle shared a story of a time when almost everyone at their lunch table that day brought oranges for lunch and Danielle was so outraged that she left and never returned.

Pickles make it at the top of the list as well for most repulsive food.

Teresa Toranzo speaks out about the hatred for pickles on behalf of all the pickle haters.

“[I] hate pickles so much. I feel like the second they touch my food the taste covers my entire meal and everything tastes like pickles. I think they are the most disgusting things in the world and people who eat them straight up as a whole creep me out.”


Toranzo is not the only one that feels that strongly as people praise her for speaking out about the hatred that comes along with pickles.

Ketchup is another trendy phobia amongst students, but there seems to be an agreement that tomatoes are bearable but when it is turned into a condiment it is an absolute disgrace.

Shannon Flaharty states, “Ketchup is the spawn of satan. One time Ashley threw a fry at me with ketchup on it and got ketchup all over my shirt and I cried. I don’t know why but I literally shed tears.”


Rachel McKenna comes in as rare case of having a phobia of raisins, also known as inyaphobia.

“I am terrified of raisins. one time I was forced to eat one and I cried.”


When asked as to why McKenna has a problem with raisins she shared, “I have always just been scared of them I have an issue with weird texture foods and raisins just terrify me.”

Senior, Liz Benjamin, embraces her strong distaste for cilantro and feels a connection with those who also have a burning passion of hatred for the herb.

Benjamin admits, “I enjoy actively hating it and have read blog posts about it, liked a Facebook page for it and come very close to buying a t-shirt that says “Cilantro Ruins Everything” on multiple occasions.”


Whether it is a vegetable, texture, or smell, students will refuse to come in distance to these foods. Academy girls are just very passionate when they accuse ketchup or oranges of ruining the world.


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