50 Experiences Every Academy Girl Has Before She Graduates

October 31, 2016

From awkward freshman year orientation to the sentiment of running through the halls as a senior there are plenty of experiences every Academy girl must have inbetween. With four years at Academy there are a countless things every girl does before she graduates thats makes Academy so special. Here are 50 experiences every Academy girl has before she graduates!

1 Ride all the rides at Busch Gardens on Physics Day


2 Understand the stress of having to watch three Chem Casts the night before class

3 Getting a “punto” taken away from Mr. Ruano

4 Take the elevator and not get caught

5 Go a whole day in a non-Academy sweatshirt and not get caught by Mrs. Nazaretian, Sister Mary, or Dr.O

6 Realizing how poor your sewing skills are when trying to make a Mole

7 Go into the Basement

8 Figure out how many dogs Mrs. Nazaretian has

9 Borrow a yellow sweater from Ms. Doherty on a mass day (and never give it back)

10 See Mrs. Chase in something other than a dress

11 Get away with eating in Mrs. Chase’s room

12 Go on a Mission Trip


13 Understand the stress of forgetting your textbook for Sister Mary’s class

14 Conquer your fear of the high ropes course at the Junior Retreat

15 Dance in the senior lounge

16 Turn left out of the Academy parking lot

17 Attend Spike and Splash


18 Make it through the receiving line at formal and not mess up anyone’s name

19 Make everything about Academy seem very exciting to a shadow

20 Get yelled at for forgetting to knock on the door to the teacher’s office

21 Accidentally wear the wrong shoes to school

  • Nina Alberdi shares, “Even though it seems unlikely, you will accidentally wear the wrong shoes to school one day or forget to wear shoes all together like Senior Rachel McKenna did one day.” 

22 Run to get a smoothie on a Friday

23 Go swimming in the pool

24 Trip on the stairs… in front of everyone

25 Overeat at a bake sale

26 Go running on Bayshore in PE

27 Sneak into the dark room

28 Going to Starbucks on Wednesday and seeing half of your class

29 Experience the terror of forgetting your laptop

30 Text every person you know for WebAssign help for Ms. Mikos’ class

31 Change in class

32 Stress over what to wear to “Junior Judgement Day” aka Junior Ring


33 Get away with wearing leggings on a field trip

34 Dance till your legs hurt at Prom

35 Freak out over getting your Prom dress approved by Ms. Mikos

36 Retake a Chem Quiz

37 Get yelled at by Mrs. Kearney for being late

38 Get your phone taken away

39 Trying to make up an excuse to tell Mrs. Smith about why you are late

40 Having Mrs. VP step on your bag for it being in the middle of the hall

41 Experiencing the fear that is hearing Sister Mary Patricia Plumb call you to her office

42 Encounter a ghost in the 4th floor bathroom

43 Use the bathroom stall with the open window on the 4th Floor (Freedom Stall)

44 Feel complete exhaustion the day after senior sleepover

45 Go to Grad Bash

46 Sprint across the bridge to make it to class on time

47 Pet the basement cats

48 Get excited about getting a teacher’s phone number when you go to Disney for mini course

49 Try a sport you think you might not be good at

  • Grace Buckhorn elaborates, “I tried rowing to do something new and even though I stopped after freshman year, I am happy I tried it because I made friends and had fun.”

50 Cry thinking about graduation


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