Eat This, Not That: Sage Edition

October 31, 2016

Senior Liz Benjamin adds,
My go-to snack is either the cup of red grapes or the dried mango and apple bars.

Senior Liz Benjamin adds, “My go-to snack is either the cup of red grapes or the dried mango and apple bars.”

The rush of getting those scarce, fresh-out-of-the oven chicken tenders when the bell rings and getting in the food line right before it gets out of control…one of the adrenaline-filled adventures at Academy. Though Sage does claim to be a “healthier” catered food service, fried chicken tenders and french fries definitely does not qualify as a quote unquote “healthy” meal. Here are some healthier alternatives to some of Sage’s food- “Eat This, Not That” style.


For Break

Eat This: dark- chocolate cranberries or pretzels

Dark chocolate isn’t too heavy and helps with stress which is a good alternative to milk or white chocolate. Dried cranberries have sufficient sources of nutrients but caution: probably contain lots of sugar. Furthermore, pretzels, though a bit salty, don’t have as much sodium as a bag of chips.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-3-57-20-pmPhoto Credit:Sophia Bahr

Not That: chips.

Don’t even look at them.Chips are FULL of sodium, making students feel bloated with less energy. One serving in a bag of Kettle Brand chips have a whopping 115 grams of sodium. Yikes.

For Lunch

Eat This: Italian Hero Wrap

Not fried, and loaded with protein from salami, pepperoni and ham.The wrap also comes with provolone and lettuce on a wrap and is well complemented with ranch on the side.This is definitely a more efficient option that will provide long-lasting energy and keep a student full.

screen-shot-2016-10-30-at-3-57-05-pmPhoto Credit: Sophia Bahr

Not That: Chicken Tenders

Everything in moderation, but fried food is NOT our friends so save them for the weekend, not on a regular day at school. Opt for a wrap or a salad.

Eat This: Taco Salad

The Taco Salad has veggies- tomatoes, onions, and corn on a bed of mixed greens making is a power-packed meal. The salad has two handfuls of ground beef, shredded mexican cheese and to give a similar taco crunch, contains bits of taco pieces. To keep this lunch choice light, choose a lighter salad dressing such as italian or balsamic.

Senior and vegan Liz Benjamin counters, “I’d love it if they sold some of their salads with the meat or cheese on the side.”

Not That: Chicken Caesar Salad

Although this all around favorite salad does include servings of white meat chicken, the caesar dressing is quite heavy and fatty. There’s also loads of cheese and no type of veggie.

For Dessert:

Eat this: Pudding Cup

Fill a common sweet tooth with this alternative. Think of the pudding cup as a chocolate cake with half the carbs, and therefore is much lighter.

Vice Principal Erin Krukar admits, “I like the pudding cup because it has a little bit of everything – pudding, whip cream and Oreos. I only get the kind with Oreos. Usually,I will get one if I am having a particularly stressful day or am just in need of pick-me-up.”

Photo Credit: Sophia Bahr

Not that: chocolate cake

Is explanation necessary? Although luscious and decadent, Sage’s giant piece of chocolate cake is full of calories and sugar.

Junior and vegan Morgan Salzsieder admits,

“I normally bring my lunch because I feel like Sage doesn’t have enough options for me.”

Though students should definitely take part in “treat yo self” days, it is important to still maintain a healthy lifestyle most of the time with lean, power-packed foods to promote overall well-being.  Eating healthier leads to less fatigue, better self -confidence, and a sense of fulfillment.

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