How To Spend Your NOCO

October 2, 2016

Senior, Audrey Dunn explains,

Senior, Audrey Dunn explains, “I do not regret not going to homecoming at all. Instead of spending money on a dress, I got to make memories with my friends for a lot cheaper.” Photo Credit: Julia Prince (Achona online)

Every year girls attend a Homecoming dances at other high schools around the area. However, the lesser known event celebrated by girls is called “NOCO.” Instead of attending Homecoming, Academy girls use the day to spend time with friends, and make new memories. Here are the top five ways to spend your NOCO.

1. Go to Universal with some friends.

Universal, only a two hour drive away, is a fun option for girls to hang out with friends. This year on October 8th, they are having their annual Halloween Horror Nights. Academy girls can also get discounted Florida Resident tickets.

Senior, Kate Scanlan explains, “Freshman Year I was kinda upset I did not get asked. However, I went with a group of seven friends to Universal. I still one of my favorite moments from high school was when we all got butterbeer and yelled, ‘cheers to NOCO.’”

2. Have a nice dinner with friends

An easy way to get together with friends is having a “NOCO dinner.” In addition, going to dinner can be a fun way to get dressed up and have a nice dinner, without the stress of homecoming.

Tess Jakubiec shares, “Sophomore year, a bunch of us got dressed all fancy and went to Ciccio’s and then Bern’s dessert room.”

Junior, Mia Torrez comments, “Sophomore Year, my friends and I drove to Safety Harbor and found a little festival filled with homemade shops and food trucks. It was great experience and we still talk about it today.”

Photo Credit: Nicole Browne (Achona Online) Academy girls treating themselves at Bern’s dessert room.

3. Attend a College Football Game

This year a popular trend among seniors is going to college football games. Seniors get the chance to visit colleges, and get a feel for perspective schools. In addition, girls love staying with Academy alumni and getting to see old friends.

Senior, Zoe Cuva mentions, “This year I am going to the UF vs. LSU game with my friends. I have gone to homecoming multiple times, so I am excited to spend time with my friends senior year.”

Photo Credit: Olivia Porcaro (Achona Online) Seniors Olivia Porcaro and Ellie Abdoney cheer on Florida State at a football game.
Seniors Olivia Porcaro and Ellie Abdoney cheer on Florida State at a football game. Photo Credit: Olivia Porcaro (used with permission)

4. Have a Movie night or Sleepover

Having a sleepover at a friend’s house is an inexpensive way to have fun. Girls can watch a movies, eat food, and just hang out.

Junior, Kayla Eckermann shares, “My friends and I are having a girls night. I am excited to have my pint of ice cream, watch White Chicks, and hang out with friends.”

Photo Credit: Audrey Dunn (used with permission) Academy girls having their own movie night filled with Pinterest DIY ideas.
Academy girls having their own movie night filled with Pinterest DIY ideas. Photo Credit: Audrey Dunn (used with permission)

5. Howl-O-Scream

Busch Gardens hosts a Halloween themed festival every year. The festival includes rollercoasters, and different haunted houses that all have a unique theme to each of them.


There are many fun exciting things to do around Tampa instead of attending homecoming. Grab some of your friends, and make the best of your NOCO night.


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