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October 3, 2016


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Senior President Ally Wehle and senior Vice-President Danielle Gutierrez offer up the daily news with a coffee mug and a stuffed animal dog to show that they are real news reporters.

With 8 a.m. making its way around the corner, girls are crowded around a table in homeroom catching up with friends, or scrambling to find a form that is due. In the midst of the commotion, a homeroom teacher is trying to airplay the well-renowned AHN morning show. Does this scenario sound familiar yet?  All of a sudden, President and Vice President Ally Wehle and Danielle Gutierrez’s voices fill up the room with the highly acclaimed words, “Good morning Academy! Please stand for the prayer and pledge.” The morning show starts any day on the right note with the prayer, pledge, and announcements that have saved every girl from turning in forms past the due date or forgetting which meetings are being held after school. It is already known that Wehle and Gutierrez create a new show for each day, but what is unknown to the rest of the school? What actually goes on behind the scenes at the morning show?

While Wehle and Gutierrez are doing the announcements, Librarian Emily Swiger works hard backstage to make the magic happen. With the green screen behind Gutierrez and Wehle, Swiger has the ability to change the backdrop. Swiger is always working hard behind the curtain to impose her subjects, the two seniors, onto an animated virtual backdrop.

ACHONA: What is your favorite part about doing the morning show?

Wehle: I really like knowing the announcements before they air the next day. Knowing the announcements beforehand makes me feel like I am in the “know.”

Gutierrez: My favorite part is watching it with my homeroom, because it’s really awkward, but it’s just funny. Especially when Ally and I say peanuts, our homeroom goes nuts (pun not intended). It’s kind of a shout out to them whenever we say it, like a code word.

A: Do you prefer the scripted or unscripted moments?

W: I prefer the scripted moments because I know what to say, but the unscripted moments are definitely more fun.

G:I think the scripted parts get pretty dull and boring, but our unscripted moments are so awkward and make me laugh when I see them again, so I’d probably say I like the unscripted moments because it’s not so robotic and it’s funny to watch them again.

A: On a scale of one to ten, how weird is it seeing and hearing yourselves every single morning in homeroom?

W: 11! I still have not gotten used to it. I try to not watch the show because I get so uncomfortable!

G: 10. It is so weird and uncomfortable. VP is always giving Ally and I corrections on whether we need to slow down on the pledge or if, hypothetically, say I mispronounce debilitating.

A: Is there anything that you would like the audience to know?

Swiger: You can submit an announcement to Mrs. Stewart anytime from 2:00-2:30 P.M.

With Wehle, Gutierrez, and Swiger leading it with humor and interesting announcements, the Academy morning show and its reputation is always progressing in the right direction, making mornings a little more bearable.

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