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November 14, 2016


Credit: Studio Artistry (used with permission)

Ally Wehle comments, “I have worked really hard for this position, and it feels really good to know that my school sees me best fit for the job!”

Ally Wehle, Academy’s 2016-2017 elected president of student council, has achieved many things beyond the presidency. She is a member of National Honors Society, the dance team captain, and currently enrolled in difficult Advanced Placement. In the beginning she did not see herself as smart, but she has now proven over the years that she can be just as smart as anyone else.

Student council members are in charge of orientation, spirit week, formal, powder puff, etc.
Credit: Ally Wehle (used with permission)
Student council members are in charge of orientation, spirit week, formal, powder puff, etc.

Her inside school activities, besides president of student council, consist of being an active Key Club, Pro-life club, medical explorers, and Beta club member. When it comes to performing Ally knows how to put on a show like she did in Hairspray and now in the upcoming Footloose. For all four years at Academy, Ally has made many memories with her fellow Jaguarettes on the dance team. Outside of school she used to be on an all young adults advisory board at MOSI and an ambassador for Serengetee, but she is now an ambassador for Sand Cloud.

Where adds,"Not only do we dance at sporting events, but we also travel to competitions to improve as a team."
Credit: Ally Wehle
Where adds,”Not only do we dance at sporting events, but we also travel to competitions to improve as a team.”

Achona: How has winning presidency connected you with people?

Ally Wehle: “I have met so many awesome people in different grades and from outside of school that I’ve gotten to work and learn from.”

Achona: What special opportunities does this position give you?

AW: “I sometimes get to go to cool stuff to represent the school like the ribbon cutting ceremony which was fun and awesome to be a part of.”

Achona: What is your favorite part about being president?

AW: “My favorite part is being able to know everyone’s names in our class, and a lot of the underclassmen is something really special to council and to Academy because we really get to interact with everyone at some point in the year and since Academy is such a small school I have really gotten to know everyone and you could never get to do that at a public school.”

Achona: What is something unique about being president?

AW: “I get to know a lot of stuff before the rest of the school and sometimes even before council and it’s cool to be “in the know.””

Achona: What is it like to do morning announcements every day?

AW: “The morning show is really fun, especially because I get to do it with my best friend and we kind of awkwardly banter off each other sometimes.”

Achona: What is the biggest perk?

AW: “I think one of the biggest perks is getting to see everyone have a great time at our school events and all of the handwork council has put into an event and how inspired and proud they get to be representing their class and putting on these events.”

Wehle has done a fantastic job running Student Council so far and is well deserving of all the perks that come with the job. The juniors are going to have some big shoes to fill once Wehle graduates in May.

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