Dos and Don’ts of Spirit Week

January 27, 2017


Photo Credit: Zoe Cuva (used with permission) Freshman Ella Castellano says, “I’m super excited for spirit week, especially the pep rally.”

Spirit Week will take place during Catholic Schools week which begins Monday January 30 and ends Thursday February 2. Each day students dress up corresponding with the theme assigned for each day and the specific sub theme for their grade. Each grade is judged for their creativity and participation, earning points throughout the week. The grade with the highest tally of points by the end of the week is crowned the winner of spirit week. 

Dos and Don’ts of Spirit Week 

Do: dress appropriately. Respect the dress code and make sure you follow the appropriate guidelines for dress up. Tank tops, spandex, leggings, open toe shoes, or crop tops are not appropriate.

Photo Credit: Jessica Zachary (used with permission)

Golden Girls announced students will be allowed to wear sweatpants or leggings with shorts over. Be sure to wear an appropriate length shirt and pants, along with closed toe shoes.

Don’t: sit on the sidelines and not participate.


Don’t drag your sisters down. Have fun and help your grade score points.

Do: go all out.

Photo Credit: Alexis Miniet (used with permission)

Sign up for all the pep rally events and dress up everyday.

Don’t: use red solo cups.

Photo Credit: Sophia Mastro (used with permission)

Avoid inappropriate props that give off a negative message. For example: NO toy guns, weapons, champagne glasses, etc

Do: wear accessories and bring in fun props.

Photo Credit: Isabella Alfonso (used with permission)

Be creative with your costumes, but be mindful of your classmates. Do not bring any distractive props into the classroom. Wear appropriate accessories that go with the assigned theme of the day.

Don’t: have a twitter war.


Do not fight with other grades or students over social media. Inappropriate behavior on social media will have serious consequences (like writing five page apologies instead of going to the pep rally).

Do: be competitive… respectfully.


Spirit week builds a lot of excitement and competition between grade levels. Be sure to be competitive, but in a respectful manner.

Don’t: sabotage other grades locker room decorations.


Each grade decorates their locker room in order to win points in the spirit week competition. Do not take down or ruin decorations of another grades locker room. Be respectful to your sisters.

Do: pimp out your locker room.

Photo Credit: Shannon Flaharty (used with permission)

Go all out when decorating your locker room. Be creative by bringing in fun props and decorations to make your locker room stand out to the judges.

Be sure to follow this guide for a fun and successful spirit week. Let the games begin.

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