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All seniors are required to get official pictures taken with Studio Artistry for the yearbook.

We Asked Seniors What They’re Most Scared Of In 2017

January 24, 2017

There is a lot of excitement spreading throughout the senior class now that they are officially second-semester seniors. Many, including Bruni Neufeld and Laney Rodriguez, have already put down deposits for their college tuition. Others have recently begun the search for potential roommates and dorms. Those who are still uncertain about their plans for next year are excited for the possibilities and the upcoming senior events and festivities. 

Although there is lots of excitement within this group of girls, there is almost an equal amount of fear for seniors as they think about all the changes happening right now. Here are a few specifics that girls in the seniors class mentioned when asked “What are you most scared of in 2017?”

Skylar Martinez

“I am scared that I’m not going to get into college. A lot of people in my class already know where they are going, and have gotten decisions back from schools. I haven’t yet, so its starting to really stress me out. Also I’m afraid that I’m not going to do well this season for lacrosse. I no longer have the excuse of being “new” and now I can’t mess up.”

Gabbie Ragano

“I’m hoping to move up north to go to college in the fall, and I’m seriously worried that it’s going to be too cold. It wouldn’t make me move back home or anything- I just don’t want to be that cold.”

Lindsay Calka

“There has been a lot of hype for the latter half of senior year, and I’m beyond excited, but I’m scared it’s not going to live up to my expectations. Also I’ve realized that all I ever talk about with family and often with friends is college. Soon it’s not going to be about getting into college, it’s going to be about actually going to college and living in a new place.”

Hannah Menendez

“I’m not really scared. I am just really excited for all the changes happening in my life right now.”

Naomi Youakim

“I am scared about having to live on my own without my parents. I am going to have to start over, make friends, learn how to call people to make appointments, and do everything for myself.”

Morgan Graff

“I am scared that my roommate will be mean or scary or weird at FAU. Also I’m really scared of the “freshman fifteen”. I don’t know why, but it is definitely a fear of mine.” 

Julia Petrillo

“Lizards. I hate them”

Achona: “You know there are barely any lizards in Connecticut. That’s a plus for UConn, right?”

Petrillo: “Oh my gosh, really?”


Achona’s advice: 

Skylar, we have every confidence that you will get into college and excel once you get there. Also, you are for sure going to kick butt this season.

Gabbie, our advice for you is to buy a long down coat and an abundance of hand warmers.

Lindsay, even if your expectations are not met, focus on the positives and try not to dwell on things you wish had happened.

Hannah, you go, girl!

Naomi, our advice is to start practicing those phone calls now while you still have your parents around to help you out. By the fall of 2017 you will be a pro!

Morgan, this is something out of your control for the most part. If worst comes to worst, you can escape your roommate by hanging out around campus instead of in your dorm. This may actually help you make more friends in the long run.

Julia, the lizards won’t be able to get you in Connecticut once you move there in the fall. While we hope you overcome this fear, we are confident that you will be safe from them.


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