Dreams Come True As Seniors Are Accepted Into Top Choice Colleges

February 3, 2017

21 girls have been accepted to schools they consider either their dream school or top choice.

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21 girls have been accepted to schools they consider either their dream school or top choice.

College has been on every students’ mind since the beginning of freshman year. The seniors, many of whom came into high school already knowing where they wanted to eventually go to college, have been working on making their “dream school” a reality.

Twenty-one girls have already confirmed that they have received acceptances from their dream school. This number is especially exciting considering Regular Decision letters have not come out for any student yet. 

The following students have gotten into their dream school. Although many have not yet confirmed that they will be attending the mentioned school, they are excited to have the opportunity to attend and know their hard work paid off. 

Jenna Wiley- Belmont University

Lissa Ogden- American University

Rachel McKenna- DePaul University

Jessica Zakhary- University of Miami

Gabbie Ragano- University of Virginia

“I have dreamt about going to UVA since I visited the summer between sophomore and junior year. My mom knew about UVA because her brother went there and he loved it, and it has the program I am interested in, which is Architecture.

“When I learned I had gotten in I freaked out. My mom and I were trying to figure out the website on both her phone and my computer. She finally got into the website, and when she found the letter she threw her phone at me and screamed. My mom and dad and I were in my living room jumping up and down- so excited. So those were the first people to know. Besides them I told my sister and then I texted Skylar Martinez to call me after she got out of lacrosse. When she called me I told her and she was so excited she immediately hung up and then showed up at my house to congratulate me in person. We were all so excited and I couldn’t stop smiling.” – Gabbie Ragano

Laney Rodriguez- University of Alabama

Ashley Lambert- Clemson University

Julianne Nichter- Belmont University

Lindsay Calka- University of Michigan

Lisette Cruz- University of San Francisco 

Meredith Butler- University of Kansas

“I have wanted to attend KU since before I could remember. Both my parents went there, and my dad and I would always go up there together to visit. I’ve practically grown up on campus. When I found out I got in I started screaming and then laughing and then crying. I told my sister right away because she was with me when I found out.

If I attend KU I am hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Biology. Engineering is a program that they’re trying to grow at KU, so they have three new buildings which I’m excited about.

Although I’m not yet sure if I will be attending KU in the fall, I am excited for actual seasons and having the more opportunities available to me. However, if I do go there, I won’t know anyone else except for my dad’s friends which is slightly terrifying.” -Meredith Butler

Lizzie Dolan- Yale University 

Vanessa Alvarez- Florida Southern College

Shannon Flaharty- Florida State University

Keri Kelly- University of Chicago

Lara Lontoc- University of Notre Dame

“Notre Dame had been on my list of top schools for a while, but what made it become my number one was how enthusiastic people (alumni, parent’s patients who had grandkids there, current students) were when I asked them about ND. I love how much they love it. Of course there were other reasons, but that’s what made me what to go there the most.

I had to read it like five times to make sure it didn’t say, “congrats you didn’t get in,” but when I finally realized that it was for real, I started jumping up and down. I told my parents first, and then my mom had to read it five times to make sure I really got in. Then I called friends and relatives. It is one of the proudest moments of my life because not only did I get into ND, I have a guaranteed spot in Mendoza (the business school).

I am scared about whether or not I can handle it. Not only the academics, but the size of the school, the amount of people, the sense that you are just one person out of thousands as opposed to here at AHN where I know my place. Nevertheless, I am excited to go into that new life next year. Even in the cold, cold weather.” -Lara Lontoc

Olivia Porcaro- Florida State University

Audrey Anello- Tulane University

Emily Hoerbelt- Florida State University

Teresa Toranzo- University of Miami

Kendall Perez- Furman University

This list of students is sure to increase as more girls get accepted when University of Florida and all Regular Decision letters come out. 

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