Harry Potter Houses: Teacher Edition

February 2, 2017

Although Admissions Director Pam Doherty has seen the

Photo Credit: Isabella Thorpe/ACHONA Online

Although Admissions Director Pam Doherty has seen the “Harry Potter” movies, she does not associate herself as a member of the Harry Potter fandom. The name of the Harry Potter fandom is “Potterheads.”

During Catholic Schools Week, Golden Girls takes on a leadership role and determines the entertaining activities for the high school to participate in. This club chooses fun ideas that embody sisterhood and celebrate the unique, but shared characteristics of attending the Academy of the Holy Names as a female student. Luckily, similarities strike in all four grade levels with certain hobbies or fandoms from time to time. A specific trait that continues to unravel itself over time and is shared in all of the grade levels is the highly accounted identification as a Muggle. Consequently, Golden Girls and Student Council agreed to adopt the theme of the Harry Potter houses for Jagball, locker rooms, and door decorating. Each grade was sorted into one of the houses from Hogwarts, the incredible, magical school where most of the action in the Harry Potter series takes place.

Although the different classes were categorized into various houses, teachers and administration were, unfortunately, not placed into a specific category. Watch the video below to see where your favorite faculty and staff members were sorted, according to their coworkers.



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