Technical Theatre Class Starts Makeup Unit

February 3, 2017


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The makeup unit is one of the students’ favorite parts of the class, and it allows them to see what it is like to be a makeup artist.

Academy’s Technical Theatre class, taught by Vivian Kimbler, is an introduction to the world behind successful theatre productions. Those who work within the technical theatre profession are responsible for piecing together the various parts of a performance. From costume designers to production managers, technical theatre requires the work of several different fields and includes a variety of fun jobs. Without the people who work within technical theatre, plays and other types of performances would not be successful.


One of the most beloved parts of Kimbler’s technical theatre class is the makeup unit. Students are able to get a taste for what it is like to be a Theatrical Makeup Artist. In addition, the technical theatre students are able to get a glimpse into the various aspects involved in stage makeup. Members of the class will be completing a series of several different makeup projects according to different categories assigned by Kimbler.


Sophomore Alley Pauley says, “I love our technical theatre class because I am able to explore several different types of theatre. I am also really enjoying the makeup unit so far because I love doing makeup. ”

Credit: Mckenzie Diaz (used with permission)
Through the unit, the students with an interest in makeup are able to learn new techniques.

In theatre, makeup can play a large role in building the character someone is performing as. Therefore, actors, actresses, and all other performers have to make sure that their makeup is not too light because of the bright stage lights. Since stage lights are so bright, the lights will make the makeup look lighter than it is. Therefore, stage makeup must be applied heavily on the performer.

This semester, the class began their makeup unit by doing each other’s makeup to look like animals. On January 30, the students began practicing putting makeup on one another. The girls will be making one another into various wild animals. Some of their selections include lions, giraffes, and tigers. The students are doing their projects in pairs. Each girl will do the wild animal makeup of their choice on their partner and vice versa.

Credit: Mckenzie Diaz (used with permission)
The girls were able to choose the animal they wanted to make their partner into.

Before getting to do each other’s makeup, the students had to choose the animal they wanted to make their partner into. In addition, the girls had to determine what materials were needed to create the look. One of the requirements given to the students is to print out pictures of the makeup design they are aiming to create. The pictures will be their guide to creating their look on their partner. Members of the class will follow this process for all of their makeup projects. The girls were asked to bring their own brushes from home, and will also be using face-paint and other types of their own makeup in order to create the animal look on their partner.

Credit: Mckenzie Diaz (used with permission)
The students research each of the looks they wish to create and then choose how they want to create the design.

Freshman Haven Todd says, “I am about to create a lion for the makeup unit. I am excited to see how it will turn out because I have never focused on creating an animal with makeup. So far, I have enjoyed getting the freedom to pick and choose what I need to create my design.”

Although the girls each have their own process for applying a makeup design to their partner’s face, Kimbler makes sure to stress that the girls apply both primer and foundation to their partner’s face before continuing. Foundations, setting powders, eye shadows, and other vibrant types of makeup are an important part of stage makeup.

Credit: Mckenzie Diaz (used with permission)
The students have been doing each other’s makeup to look like different animals. Some of the chosen animals include tigers and lions.

The skills Kimbler is teaching her students open their eyes to the different opportunities they could have within a theatre career. The makeup unit is not only fun for the students, but it also teaches them the different parts of a makeup artist’s job.

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