AHN Bids Farewell to Art Teacher Erin Franklin

March 7, 2017

Erin Franklin joined the Academy family a little over three years ago.

Photo Credit: Olivia Stevens/ Achona Online

Erin Franklin joined the Academy family a little over three years ago.

On Monday, February 27, Academy said goodbye to one of its beloved art teachers, Erin Franklin. She and her family are relocating to Orlando after her husband received a job offer. Franklin departs after three years at Academy, teaching Ceramics, Art-2D, Sculpture, and Portfolio Honors. 

Photo Credit: Olivia Stevens/Achona Online
Junior Nina Alberdi says, “Last year I had her in a smaller class and it was really nice because we all got a chance to grow close, and she helped us develop a calm and nice environment.”

Senior Teresa Toranzo says, “I absolutely loved Mrs. Franklin. When she first started teaching here, I was in her ceramics class. One assignment we had to do was create a sea animal and I chose to do a turtle. After a couple classes of working on it, I didn’t really see it coming together. She assured me that the path I was going down was the right one. In the end, this piece became one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done. She constantly pushed me to try new techniques and step out of my comfort zone. After taking a class each year with her over the past three years, I have been able to form a close bond with her and will miss her so much.”

Senior Jenna Wiley looks back fondly on the memories of her sophomore year when she took Art 2-D, saying, “When she told us she was pregnant, I cried. Also, one day when the freshmen were gone she showed us pictures of her and her family because we begged so much.”

In an interview with Achona, Franklin answered questions about her future and time at Academy:

Achona: “How has your time at Academy changed your perspective on teaching?”

Franklin: “I’ve worked at some amazing schools over the years, but this school has changed my perspective on how remarkable students can be in general. I’m proud knowing that everybody here is well mannered, they all strive for excellence, and push each other to do better.”

A: “Will you miss Academy? And if so, what will you miss most?”

F: [Tearily] “Yes, of course, I will! I’ll miss the students and the wonderful teachers. I’m going to miss everybody that makes up this student body, everybody is kind and sweet and beautiful.”

A: “Do you know if you will continue teaching when you move to Orlando?”

F: “I’m not quite sure yet, we are going to feel it out and see how it goes, but I don’t know if I will find a school like this anywhere else.”

A: “Finally, What has been your favorite memory teaching at Academy?”

F: “My favorite memory is today because I get to reflect on all of the special times I’ve had here with all the lovely girls at AHN. All the special girls sharing with me their ‘thank you’s,’ ‘thoughts of how I’ve inspired them’ and other kind words and notes which I will keep dear to me forever.”

Photo Credits: Olivia Stevens/ Achona Online
Often, Franklin would speak lovingly about her daughter, Lucy, and show her classes pictures of the toddler.

Academy is still searching for a replacement teacher, but in the meantime, former AHN art teacher Sharon West will be filling in for the remainder of the year.

Art students have sung their praises for Franklin, noting that she was always sweet and caring towards them and their art careers. 

Freshman Isabelle Addison says, “She is a kind and caring teacher who was truly passionate about art. She took the time to help us understand the class and really helped us all expand.”

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