Photo Credit: Julia Prince (Achona Online)
Senior Hope Rossi said

Photo Credit: Julia Prince (Achona Online) Senior Hope Rossi said “I am excited to attend University of Alabama next year, but it is going to be sad leaving all of my sisters.”

New Way to Find Out Where Seniors Are Going Next Year

March 23, 2017

History teacher Stacy Filocco set up a wall in N310 to celebrate the seniors’ admissions to various colleges. Seniors can bring stickers, flags, or simply write on paper where they are going to college and post it on the board. The purpose of the board is to celebrate the seniors’ success on college admissions.

Senior Zoe Cuva said “I think the board is a great idea. I am always curious to know where my classmates have gotten in or who has made their decision so we can celebrate as a class.”

Girls can post admissions and decisions as they hear back from colleges. Before school, break, lunch, and after school is the best time to add things to the board in order to make sure not to disrupt classes.

Filocco said, “The idea for the board is two-fold: first, to celebrate all of the seniors’ hard work in getting themselves prepared for college, and second, to inspire the underclass men who also use that classroom. Students can post anything from their college- an acceptance letter, and emblem, a sticker, anything. I’m excited to share in the pride that the seniors feel as they finish their high school journey.”


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