Teachers’ Advice to the Seniors as they Head to College

May 1, 2017


Photo Credit: Karlee Nipper (used with permission)

After Honors Convocation, the seniors go to the front lawn and toss up their hats.

As the seniors spend their final week at Academy, Achona asked the faculty what one piece of advice they would like to share with the senior class before they head off to college and become freshman all over again.

Lauren Oetinger: “We can give you all the wisdom and advice we want to, but experience will be the best professor you’ll have. So my advice to you is this: stay up too late, always eat the cake, love too hard, trust too often, laugh loudly even if it’s quiet, get dressed up for no reason, dance in your bedroom, read one real book per year, focus on health instead of fashion, and don’t let the haters rent space in your head. Above all, reach beyond what is comfortable. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you will grow.”

Anne Mikos: “Be willing to try something new and meet new people. You never know what you might fall in love with and college has clubs and activities for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.”

Credit: Anne Mikos (used with permission)
Mikos said, “I tried football. I had never watched or been interested in football and I absolutely fell in love with Clemson football. And by the way, in case you didn’t know, now we are National Champions!”

Megan Dubee: “My advice is to meet people and find your niche. College is great because you basically have built in friends. You can meet people in class, in your dorm, in student organizations, literally anywhere. And everyone else is also looking to meet people! It’s the easiest time in your life to make new friends so don’t worry about that aspect. College is a time for you to find your passions. Don’t do the same thing as your friends or your sister or your neighbor’s cousin; find something aligned to your interests!”

Danica Rodriguez: “I would tell the girls to take advantage of all of the opportunities available in college. Study abroad! Take road trips! Meet new and different people! Challenge yourself in a class but also take something silly that interests you just for fun. Don’t be afraid to join something new and out of your comfort zone, try not to stick to what is comfortable. Most of all, love yourself and treat yourself well! There is a lot to look forward to AFTER college and you want to be ready for that too!”

Credit: Danica Rodriguez (used with permission)
Rodriguez came home to spend Gasparilla with all her high school friends.

Stacy Filocco: “The best advice that I can think of is to do things that make you uncomfortable.  College is a time during which you are presented with unlimited possibilities so don’t hold yourself back because you don’t know what something is or have never heard of an event or cause before or none of your friends are going.”

Linda Nutter: “Always remember who you are and what you stand for.”

Olivia Martinez: “Try something new. Make new friends. Don’t be afraid to change your major – you’re 18.. you’re not supposed to know what you want to do FOREVER. Show up to your 8AM (even after a late night). You will miss home and that’s okay…Tampa is not going anywhere. HAVE FUN EVERYDAY! – You think high school flew by… wait until college.”

Credit: Olivia Martinez (used with permission)
Graduating college is an exciting time because you are going out into the world as a new person.


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