About 30% of AHNs high school students came from AHNs middle school. Photo Credit: Nyla Jacobs/Used With Permission

Nyla Jacobs/ Used with Permission

About 30% of AHN’s high school students came from AHN’s middle school. Photo Credit: Nyla Jacobs/Used With Permission

What Seniors Wish They Knew as Freshman

September 28, 2017

“It’s not the end of the world if you’re not asked to homecoming,” Talia Sharrieff (‘18) said.

As a freshman, Jesuit’s Homecoming sounds like a big deal. Not everyone can be asked, though. Take it from the seniors: homecoming is not always great and it is not worth worrying about.

“Being asked to homecoming does not matter and it’s not even that fun,” Jackie Beltram (‘18) said.

At an all-girl school, boys tend to be the center of drama. The friendships formed with classmates will stay forever; boys will come and go.

“Don’t let a boy get between you and your friendships. Drama freshman year won’t matter when you’re a senior,” Talia Sharrieff (‘18) said.

The environment at an all-girl school is all about getting closer to each other, boys excluded.

“Join clubs so you can establish connections with other people,” Catie Moffett (‘18) said.  

Clubs allow students to socialize with their classmates while doing something they love. Join interesting clubs and start participating early. A bonus on college applications is club participation.With numerous new and old clubs, there is something for everyone.

In each grade, there are many new students to become friends with. High school allows students to spread out and make new friends in new groups.

“Try to be friendly with everyone,” Cristina Suarez-Solar (‘18) said.

You are not confined to a certain number of friends, so get to know classmates throughout the years.

There may be some times when participation in unappealing activities is required, but always attempt to see the best in everything.

“Try to go into new things with an open mind, even if they’re things you aren’t exactly looking forward to. You might be surprised how you make new friends and even learn a little bit about yourself,” Julia LaVoy (‘18) said.

If there is an activity at a retreat to share facts about yourself and it’s uncomfortable, think of it as a step towards making new friends.

Grades for each year in high school count.

“Freshman grades do actually matter,” Abby Rodriguez (‘18) said.

Freshman grades set the baseline for your GPA, and having good grades helps keep your GPA up. Try your hardest all four years of school to be the best student possible.

“Try your hardest all four years, don’t wait ‘til the end to get your life together,” Jaed Seymour (‘18) said.


Cristina Suarez-Solar/ Used with permission
Sleeping is one mechanism students use to battle stress.

Waiting until the end to try hard will show colleges that effort was put into grades at the last minute. It’s easier to gradually keep grades together.

As students, grades are expected to be the top priority.

“Don’t limit yourself to only focusing on academics. I did that my freshman year and didn’t bond with other girls until junior year,” Isabella Sebek (‘18) said.

Academics are definitely important but so are social interactions. Making friends with fellow AHN sisters will form lasting relationships.

“Don’t stress over something small,” Cristina Suarez-Solar (‘18) said.

Melanie Kruegar/Used with Permission
Many seniors went to orientation on fewer than five hours of sleep.

It’s hard not to worry about a bad grade on a single test or about a forgotten homework assignment, but try not to.  Stressing over the small things creates unneeded anxiety.

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