Academy’s Best Homecoming Proposals

October 9, 2017

A public display courage by a student may guarantee a yes from an Academy girl.

Photo Credit: Samantha Garateix

A public display courage by a student may guarantee a “yes” from an Academy girl.

At the start of every school year, during the first two months of classes, Academy girls socialize with boys from different schools and grade levels. After a couple months of becoming comfortable with different crowds and making new friends, boys begin to ask girls to homecoming.

From posters, to gestures, to trips, and surprises these are the best proposals Academy girls have received as invitations to Tampa Catholic’s homecoming on Oct. 28, 2017 and Jesuit’s homecoming on Oct. 14, 2017.

Football games draw crowds of high school students into one area that makes it a great place to publicly ask a girl to homecoming.

Madison Bissett (‘20) got asked by Sophomore at Jesuit, Cade Freeman, at a football game in which he presented her with a mason jar of M&Ms.

Photo Credit: Madison Bissett (used with permission)
Attached to the M&M filled jar, a note read, “It would be sweet if you went to homecoming with me.”

Grace Laheart (‘21) was asked by Jesuit freshman, Andrew Garateix, who arranged for the Jesuit cheerleaders to each hold up five signs spelling “HOCO?” during one of their stunts. 

Photo Credit: Samantha Garateix (used with permission)
Garateix stood by the cheerleaders with flowers that he presented to Laheart.

Public proposals are eventful and eye catching, but some boys prefer to keep their proposals private and inviting a girl by going to her house or taking her somewhere.

Caroline Jones (‘20) and Natalia Fonseca (‘20) were enjoying a pool day together when sophomore Jesuit students, Matthew Salustro and Cameron Alverez surprised them by coming to Fonseca’s dock by boat with flowers.

Photo Credit: Natalia Fonseca (used with permission)
The two girls were very surprised by the carefully planned gesture.

Hannah Rodriguez (‘19) was asked by junior at Jesuit, Connor Murphy, during the Spike and Splash event hosted at Academy.

Photo Credit: Hannah Rodriguez (used with permission)
Murphy surprised Rodriguez with flowers and a Spike and Splash themed banner taped to her car reading “HOCO?”

Jaed Seymour (‘18) was asked by senior at Jesuit, Kyle Repar with a Disney inspired poster after a fun day trip to Disneyland.

Photo Credit: Jaed Seymour (used with permission)
Seymour said, “I was very surprised when he asked me when we got back to his car after the great day.”

Julia Lavoy’s (‘18) boyfriend and senior at Jesuit, Greg Bolling, created a red carpet outside her front door and presented her with a sign and a VIP pass to “chive with much delight” on the dance floor during homecoming.

Photo Credit: Julia Lavoy (used with permission)
Bolling dressed up as if going to a red carpet event to further emphasize his theme.

Abby Crowther (‘21) got asked by Jesuit freshman, Tyler Thomas, with a lacrosse stick stuffed with a ball and roses reading “HOCO?”

Photo Credit: Amber Pedregal (used with permission)
The lacrosse themed proposal was inspired by Crowther’s love for playing the sport.
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