Dubee’s Class Plays “Dance Dance Transversal” (VIDEO)

October 17, 2017


Photo Credit: Gretchen Swenson/Achona Online

Math teachers around the country use dance dance transversal as a fun way to teach their students.

Math teacher, Megan Dubee, found a fun way for her set 1 geometry students to learn relationships between angles in transversal lines. Dubee said, “I found this activity on the MTBoS, Math Teacher BlogoSphere. It was beneficial to both their Geometry skills and cardiovascular health.”

Students, seen in the video, are given a type of angle and must align their feet to the lines on the floor, creating the angle. Some artist’s songs that Dubee used were Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and Shakira.

Haley Palumbo (‘18) said, “Dance Dance Transversal helped me remember my transversal line, that we went over freshman year. I am behooved that Ms. Dubee allowed us the beautiful opportunity to play this life-changing game.”


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Dubee’s Class Plays “Dance Dance Transversal” (VIDEO)