AHN Reacts to AP and Honors Requirements

November 8, 2017

Last school year, administration established a new requirement in order to take an Advanced Placement (AP) or an honors course. In previous years, to qualify for AP an or honors class without teacher consent, a student had to fill out a waiver form answering questions as to why they should be able to be in the class and their plans for success in it. Based on their waiver form, the student’s counselor would decide if the student was making the correct choice based on their academic history and motivation in taking an advanced curriculum class.

This year rather than having a waiver system, students are able to choose their classes without restraint, but in order to remain in the class, students must maintain a minimum 75.45 average by the first semester. If a student fails to do so, they are dropped to a different class where they can succeed and have a better grade.


There are mixed feelings about this new rule. Vice Principal Erin Krukar says, “It makes the decision logical and clear cut of whether to continue with the class.”

Feraby Hoffman (‘18) says, “I like the rule but I feel like the grade to stay in an AP should be a C rather than a 75.”

Juliana Jett (’19) says, “It keeps everyone on track and puts everyone where they need to be.”

Latin teacher Ariana Louder says, “The new rule is beneficial, because it will help students work harder to pass their AP exams at the end of the year, and if someone is having difficulty they can move to a class at a better pace for them and still take the AP exam at the end of the year if they choose to do so.”




Seniors who are dropped from an AP or honors course must notify their colleges about the changes to their application.

Jaed Seymour (‘18) says, “It shouldn’t apply to seniors because they have so much going on and it adds to their stress, especially when they have to notify the college of a schedule change.”


College counselor Kerry Keegan says, “We want to avoid a C on the transcript if possible, because it is okay to get a B in an Honors or AP class rather than a C in an honors or AP class.”

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