Senior Tardies: Why are so many seniors late?

November 8, 2017


“Yeah, I have tried to set my alarm earlier, but it physically is not possible,” said Saragail Flynn (’18). Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/ACHONAOnline

As of Oct. 27, the senior class has racked up a total of 209 tardies, 107 excused and 102 unexcused.

Some seniors are late because they forget to get breakfast, while others simply cannot find it in them to get up on time.

“No, I live two minutes away and there really is not any traffic, but I just like Chick-fil-a in the mornings,” says Allie Kimpland (‘18).

Photo Credit: Giphy

Saragail Flynn (‘18) said, “Sometimes, I just can’t get up in the morning and mornings are always slow for me, so coming to school late is necessary.”

Some seniors are notorious for being late, while some are always at school on time. 

Jaed Seymour (’18) gets to school around 7:15 everyday. Photo Credit: Sam Garateix/ACHONA online

Jaed Seymour (‘18) said, “My parents have always raised me that if your are not 30 minutes early you are late, and I get major anxiety if I do not leave by 7:10.”

“I normally wake up at 5:45 to come to school,” said Aleeza Garcia (‘18).

Photo Credit: Giphy

The seniors who are always on time would like those who are notorious for being late to know:

“There is no excuse. Wake up early,” said Seymour.

Photo Credit: Giphy

Jackie Beltram said, “Set multiple alarms to help you wake up.”

“Just wake up earlier,” said Garcia.

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