Seniors Receive College Acceptances

November 2, 2017

The number of women enrolling in college is almost double that of men. (Photo Credit: Emily Anderson/Achona Online)

The number of women enrolling in college is almost double that of men. (Photo Credit: Emily Anderson/Achona Online)

While many college application deadlines are coming to a close in the upcoming weeks, plenty of universities still offer rolling admission decisions.

Rolling admissions is when applicants submit their applications to the university anytime within a large window of time. Colleges will respond as the applications come in, instead of waiting until a certain deadline to release the admission decision.

Alexandra Fonseca (‘18), who was accepted into Florida Atlantic last month said, “Florida Atlantic University is my second choice, but I really liked it because the tailgates are a whole different experience. Also, I loved how close FAU is to the beach and there’s so much to do. The campus is really clean too.”

Seniors receive an electronic email or status check update with their decision, followed by a letter in the mail with more information. (Photo Credit: Samantha Cano/Achona Online)

Amber Pedregal (‘18) said, “Getting accepted into college has definitely been a stress reliever at this point. My number one school has not released decisions yet, but it still feels good knowing I will go somewhere considering all my applications are finished.”

FAU’s total undergraduate enrollment is 25,471 students. (Photo Credit: Alexandra Fonseca/Used with Permission)

Members of the class of 2018 have been accepted to more than 15 different universities so far. More decisions will come out in early December through March. Seniors must then give a final enrollment decision to colleges by  May 1, 2018 at the latest.

Following colleges AHN seniors have been accepted to:

  • Florida Atlantic University
    • Alexis Alvarez, Gillian Garcia, Amber Pedregal, Alexandra Fonseca, Sophia Doussan, Jaed Seymour, McKenna Weathers, Natalie Mauro, Samantha Cano, Jackie Beltram, Mia Lopez, Emily Anderson, Vanessa Davila, Priscilla Santiago
  • University of South Florida
    • Amanda Lazzara, Evelyn Martinez, Emma Sewell, Macy McConnie, Isabella Sebek, Olivia Traud, Alexis Alvarez, and more
  • University of Central Florida
    • Jules Lavoy, Emily Anderson, Chloe Guam, Allie Kimpland, Christina Suarez-Solar, Abby Rodriguez, Jazmine Sanchez, and more
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
    • Abby Rodriguez, Connor Gee, Emily Venezia, and more
  • University of Alabama
    • Jaed Seymour, Alexandra Fonseca, Samantha Garateix, Gracie Wipfli, Mia Lopez, Allie Kimpland
  • University of North Florida
    • Elena Schillinger, Jazmine Sanchez, Christina Suarez- Solar, Connor Gee
  • University of Tampa
    • Abby Rodriguez, Vanessa Davila
  • Auburn University
    • Lauren Pieper, Amanda Lazzara, Kayla Eckermann
  • University of Mississippi
    • Gretchen Swenson, Samantha Cano
  • Florida Southern College
    • Audrey Diaz
  • Louisiana State University
    • Allie Kimpland
  • University of Nebraska
    • Kayla Eckermann
  • Belmont University
    • Jazmine Sanchez, Audrey Diaz
  • Marquette University
    • Jazmine Sanchez
  • Stetson University
    • Emma Zazzero, Samantha Cano
  • Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University
    • Chloe Glaum
  • Florida Southwestern State College (athletic commit)
    • Alyssa LoSauro (‘18) said, “It is a great feeling to know where I will be going next year since pretty much our whole grade doesn’t know yet. Knowing where I will be for the next two years allows me to focus on my future and prepare to be successful for the rest of senior year.”
Did you know? 100% of Academy graduates will go on to college. More updates to come. (Photo Credit: Giphy Online)
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