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How Senior Uniforms Survive the Final Year

December 12, 2017


Seniors in their final year at Academy refuse to replace old uniforms and will do anything to make them last. (Photo Credit: Caitlin Weaver/ Achona Online)

As Academy seniors near the end of their four years, they become more and more lenient with their uniforms. Seniors often make alterations or fail to replace pieces of their uniform in order to make them last through the year. Pieces of the uniform are either missing or get added.

Wearing shirts covered in food or coffee stains that won’t come out 

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Rolling their skirt because its way too big

To avoid replacing skirts that are too big or too small seniors will roll them to make them fit. (Photo Credit: Caitlin Weaver/ Achona Online)

Mckenzie Holmes (‘18) said, “My mom went school shopping without me and bought a skirt size at least five sizes too big.”

Patching their penny loafers to make them last all four years 

Academy students have a tradition to keep their shoes all four years and seniors will do anything to make them last. (Photo Credit: Caitlin Weaver/ Achona Online)

Emma Heston (‘18) said, “I’m trying to make them last all four years and I only have one semester left so I’m not giving up now. “

Custom designing their sweatshirts

Lyric Vickers (‘18) said, “I think the holes make it more comfortable and it keeps my hands warm.” (Photo Credit: Caitlin Weaver/ Achona Online)

Allowing their mass shirt to slowly fade away

The shirts are originally a bright yellow but, after several washes, they fade to a light gold. (Photo Credit: Caitlin Weaver/ Achona Online)

Ashley Andersen (’18) said, “I don’t want to pay for a brand new shirt since it’s my last year here.”

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