AHN’s Lenten Fast from Negativity

February 26, 2018


Photo Credit: Gretchen Swenson (Achona Online/ Piktochart) The lenten fast from negativity does not stop on weekdays. The Instagram is updated, even on weekends, to keep the students and teachers accountable.

This year for Lent, faculty from Academy proposed a fast from negativity to boost morale within the school. Most students and teachers don’t even notice all the times they give into negativity in little or big ways since it happens so often. The fast incorporates a blog, which is updated daily, that includes a key verse, quote, reflection question, prayer, and action to help the participants have a more positive and God filled day. During this promise, accountability is a big factor; not only should you be accountable for your actions, but your fellow classmates and teachers as well. Guidance Counselor, Emily Pantelis, is looking for student contributions to help make sure the Instagram is updated daily, as well as the blog.

Pantelis reached out to HS students via email and said, “What I am looking for: a quote from you on the action of the day or your reaction to the daily reflection, an ‘artsy’ picture that is appropriate and relates to the topic, etc. Please see the post that was made on the account on February 17 for suggestions or guidelines.”

Lenten promises, such as this one, where the whole school is coming together to participate to achieve a common goal are more effective than individual ones. If the school is able to keep this promise throughout lent, then it will become a habit for the student body in the years moving forward.

Sophia Tremonti (‘18) said, “As a senior class we have tried to stay positive throughout the past two weeks to try and correct other people’s negativity and reinforce positive thoughts by doing small acts of kindness for one another each day.”

The featured Instagram also posts daily, to keep students on track with the promise and motivated even during the weekend. Teachers and students alike, have tried to spread positivity by volunteering and doing small acts of kindness throughout the day to make not only someone else’s day brighter but also their own.

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