AP Lit: How You Know You Are In LeBlanc or Pendleton

February 26, 2018


Ms. LeBlanc and Mrs. Pendleton both have multiple AP Literature sets. (Photo Credit: Sierra Wills/Achona Online)

While most classes are known as being taught by one teacher, in AP Lit, seniors have a 50/50 chance of getting either Melissa LeBlanc or Virginia Pendleton. While students will receive the same number of tests and quizzes, each teacher has their own unique teaching style. Here are some examples of each teacher’s styles:

Mrs. Pendleton

Nina Alberdi (’18) said, “Mrs. Pendleton’s class has a lot group activities.”


“She always lets us know how her cat is doing.”’


Aine Campion (’18) said, “She is fair, she is always willing to work with you to help you.”


Bella Kirkpatrick (’18) said, “Mrs. Pendleton does not yell at us, but rather explains what she expects from us.”


“She has a relationship with her students and actually cares about whether they are doing it right or wrong.”


Ms. LeBlanc

Sophia Doussan (’18) said, “Ms. LeBlanc is very updated with her teaching and her knowledge.”


“I like that she actually teaches us and show us how to apply it. It is more of a ‘here is what it is and here is how to do it’ rather than just showing it to you. Actually helps us and increases our skills.”


Maddy Ruppel (’18) said, “I appreciate the memes she puts up every class, because they start the class off humorously.”


“She is tough but it has helped us.”


Caitlin Weaver (’18) said, “We work in small groups with application practice, and then at the end of class we come together and discuss the answers.”



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