2018 Academy Superlatives

April 17, 2018


Photo Credit: Tabitha Rucker/Achona Online

Superlatives are often used in yearbooks for graduating seniors.

According to dictionary.com, “superlative” is defined as, “of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others.” The students of AHN filled out an online survey to choose one of their classmates that they felt best fit each category of superlatives. These unique categories give a sense as to the many blossoming, “stand out-ish” personalities that walk the halls of AHN. 

Best Laugh

Senior: Lauren Perez

Feraby Hoffman (’18), “Every time Lauren laughs, it makes me want to laugh because it’s so contagious.”

Junior: Emily Abdoney

Sophomore: Caylie Hubbert

Freshmen: Sarah Devaney


Best Friendship Goals

Senior: Aine Campion and Caitlyn Helms

Junior: Gabi Mellody and Jessica Barr

Sophomore: Haven Todd and Tress Jacobs

Photo Credit: Tress Jacobs (used with permission)
“We’ve been friends since 5th grade and she has annoyed me every step of the way but that’s what makes her a great best friend,” Jacobs said.

Freshmen: Zeta Bennett and Hailey Rothman


Most Inspirational

Senior: Haley Palumbo

Junior: Hira Khan

Photo Credit: Hira Khan (used with permission)
Khan says, “I was selected as 1 of 3 youth delegates representing the City of Tampa and the State of Florida to attend the National League of Cities Congressional Cities Conference hosted in Washington D.C. It was an absolutely incredible opportunity. I was able to meet and discuss with huge political figures and policy-makers about the issues I’m passionate about, namely mental health reform, gun violence, and criminal justice reform. Those I met include the iconic Representative Maxine Waters, Senator Bill Nelson, and our very own Kathy Castor.”

Sophomore: Lauren Jones

Freshmen: Clare Grammig


Most Outgoing

Senior: Gretchen Swenson

Junior: Chanita Belcher and Isabella Bahr (tied score)

Sophomore: Caroline Lamoureux

Bella Ferrie (’21) says, “When I first met Caroline she was very nice and welcoming.”

Freshmen: Hailey Rothman


Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket

Senior: Meghan Curinga

Junior: Isabella Thorpe and Bailly Gray (tied score)

Sophomore: Tress Jacobs

Freshmen: Maddie Glaum

“My sister loses things a lot, especially important things,” says Chloe Glaum (’18).


Most Likely to Win The Voice

Senior: Cristina Saurez-Solar

Junior: Robin Sailor-Zander

Sophomore: Peyton Finn

Freshmen: Victoria Huerta


Most Likely to Star in Their Own Reality TV Show

Senior: Nyla Jacobs

“If Nyla had her own reality TV show it would be called ‘Nyla’s World’ or ‘It’s Nyla Time'” says Emma Elder (’21).

Junior: Grace Buckhorn

Sophomore: Caroline Lamoureux

Freshmen: Lexi Rios


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