Memes to Represent Senior Emotions

April 13, 2018


As the school year ends and the seniors prepare to start their new lives, they have a number of mixed emotions about the changes that are soon to occur.  

From moving out of state to not wearing uniforms anymore, the senior’s emotions are best represented by memes.

How seniors feel about leaving home: 

“I don’t how else to put it, I have been here for thirteen years, I am ready to leave,” says Emma Zazzero (’18). 

“I am ready to be independent and not on my parents’ schedule,”says Lauren Sellers (‘18)

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How seniors feel about school ending:

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 Zazzero said, “I feel pure joy that school is about to end.” 

“ I am happy about school ending, but I am not happy about having to start over,” says Kelsie Killian (’18).

How seniors feel about no more uniforms:

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Talia Sharieff (‘18) says, “I am excited for school to be over and yay for college, but I am going to have to pick out an outfit everyday and I think I am too lazy for that.”

How seniors feel about moving away from their friends: 

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Isabella Onken (‘18) says, “I feel fine moving away from my friends, I am going to keep in touch with them and Florida Gulf Coast is only two hours away so it’s not that far.”

How seniors feel about leaving their Academy bubble: 

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Isabella Sebek (‘18) says  “I am nervous to leave the Academy bubble because I have been in it for so long, but I am still really excited to go live in a new city and meet new people.”

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“Tampa is so comfortable and I am nervous about not being able to see people I am comfortable with,” says Killian. 


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