Teachers’ Advice to 2018 Graduates

May 2, 2018


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there will be about 3.6 million high school graduates in 2018. Photo Credit: Sara Phillips/ACHONAOnline

For most of the students in the Class of 2018, Academy has become a second home in the past four years. College presents an unfamiliar place with new challenges unlike anything at AHN. Before the students embark on this journey, seasoned Academy teachers share some words of advice:

Economics teacher, Beth Chase, said, “My number one advice would be to get internships – it’s the only way you can get your foot in the door.”

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Vice Principal, Erin Krukar, said, “Be prepared for the unexpected, no matter how much you have your classes and your schedule set.”

Biology teacher, Paul Sloshberg, said, “Make sure you know what the food is like in the cafeteria. Also, make sure you get books from the bookstore for your classes and start reading the books in the summer before you go to class. I wouldn’t recommend taking summer classes your first year because you probably will switch your major. I took summer classes during my second and third year when I knew what I was studying.”

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Theology teacher, Kim Wiley, said, “When in college, really try to develop a number of different friend groups….roommates, classmates, clubs that reflect your values, spiritual, volunteer opportunities, etc. Be the one who initiates activities. Others are just as nervous as you and feel the same way you do. Show up! Go to things you are invited to; campus events – kickball, plays, dorm activities, campus jobs. Support others. Ask yourself – are you a good friend? Develop lifelong friends – not just friends of circumstance.”

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Math teacher, Anne Wynn, said, “Join all of the clubs that interest you. Make a bunch of friends and then worry about narrowing them down.”

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Evelyn Martinez (’18), said, “I’m most excited to meet new people in college, and I’m most nervous to fail classes. Biomedical engineering is not going to be fun.”


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