TLC Welcomes New Members

September 27, 2018


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Each of the eight new TLC members received a rose from each of the seniors in TLC.

On September 19, TLC surprised the new freshmen members of the club. TLC told the freshmen who got in that they still had another interview to go, but when they arrived at 8:00 a.m. in the Brady Center, music started to play, and all of the members of the club came out from the stage curtain, presenting each of the new members with flowers and opens arms to the club.

The two Vice Presidents of Recruitment Caitlyn Asher (‘19) and Katie Taulbee (‘19), along with their committee, worked hard this past month to find new members that would be the perfect fit for the club.

“I am so excited about our new members. I was able to hear from them in their essays, then meet them in person in interviews, and now they are joining me in TLC. It’s crazy! Being head of recruitment and a huge part of their process into TLC, I can’t wait to see the things they’ll accomplish and do for TLC, how they’ll change because of TLC, and how they will add to our amazing club even though a lot of this will happen years from now. I am absolutely so excited to get to know them as fellow TLC members instead of just TLC applicants,” says Asher (‘19).

The recruitment committee members are Claire Murphy (‘20), Alexa Groteke (‘21), Olivia Scarpo (‘21), Olivia Martinez (‘21), and Bella Ferrie (‘21).

Kylie Beil (‘22) was surprised when she found out that she was in the club, especially since she thought she was going to be cut.

“I was really surprised because when we were walking up, there were only eight people. I was really scared that they were going to cut more people,” says Beil (‘22).

Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Beil was relieved when she realized she made it into the club, since she thought she was going to be cut on Wednesday morning.

After the girls were surprised, there was a welcome breakfast set out for them. The new members of the club mingled with the current members, and everyone was able to get to know each other.

Christina Burchett (‘22) was also very surprised to get into TLC.

“On Wednesday, I thought that we were going to get interviewed again and possibly get cut. When the TLC members came in on the first day [of school], it seemed really cool. I think TLC will be really fun and will better my social skills. I am most excited for the circles [in TLC],” says Burchett (‘22).

Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Burchett looks forward to working and helping out the middle schoolers in TLC.

The other TLC inductees are Catie Curtis (’22), Maya Judd (’22), Teyah Younes (’22), Arianna Cortés (’22), Gabby Bahr (’22), and Izzy Machado (’22).

Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Curtis thought there really was a third run of interviews on Wednesday, so she was happy that it was not the case. She felt that the essay on the application was the easiest to do since she already knew what she wanted to write about.


Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Judd enjoyed the application process because she
thought that the interview process and mock circles were fun. She is excited to bond with the other TLC members.


Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Younes is most excited to talk to the middle schoolers because she wished that she had a TLC to talk to in
her middle school. She wants to help the middle schoolers transition into high school.

Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Cortés wants to make an impact on the younger kids because, like Younes, she wished that she had a TLC at her middle school.


Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Bahr joined TLC to be more a part of a sisterhood and to grow closer to the upperclassmen.


Photo Credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Machado is most excited for working with the middle school, the TLC apparel, and the Relay for Life


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