Academy Adjusting to New Phone Policy

October 24, 2018


Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona online/Piktochart Students can now have their phones in between classes and at lunch, which is what the majority of public schools allow.

The new policy for phones this year at Academy has made major changes. Students can now be on their phones in between their classes, and at lunch. During class, students have to hang their phone up in a “phone home”, which is a pocket that is in is away from students’ desks. This is very different than the strict phone policies that was in place before, where students were not allowed to use their phones at lunch or in between classes.

Some students feel safer, since they now have more access to their phones.

“It is nice to be able to go on my phone during lunch and in between classes. Also, in case I have an emergency, it is better that I now have my phone,” says Gabby Boyd (‘19).

Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Carly Finley (’19) is able to check her phone during break, unlike previous years, where phones had to be in the locker or backpack during break.

Although many students are happy about the new policy, some of the cons of the new policy that worry people, mostly teachers and administration, is that students are more distracted from being on their phones as they are going up and down the stairway, that they may injure themselves. “I have no problems [with the new policy] personally. I taught at public school [before Academy], where it was common. The biggest concern is really a safety issue. It has been an issue with girls going up and down the stairs, while being on their phones. They are not paying attention to where they are going. Someone could get hurt, actually a couple people have already been hurt. Other than that, it’s fine, because at public school its common,” says math teacher David Bland.

Some students feel that the seniors should have more privilege and freedom with the new policy.

“I think that the seniors should have the privilege of having their phones during advisory, because advisory is not technically a class,” says Lauren Harris (‘19).

Photo credit: Katherine Rodriguez/Achona Online
Students now have to put their phones in a “phone home” during their classes.

Students now have much more freedom that they did before. “I feel like we have more freedom now and the school trusts us more with putting our phones in the pockets. Also, I pay more attention in class because I don’t have the temptation to get it out in the middle of class. Another thing is that I feel happier at school, because we get to use our phones during lunch and in between classes, says Anamaria Lefler (‘19).

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