The Doppelgängers of AHN

December 11, 2018

(Photo Credit: Gelmi Pasquier/Achona Online/Piktochart)

According to, the word doppelganger is German and literally means double walker — as in a ghost or shadow of yourself.

There are quite a few pairs of students who look alike at Academy, and are said to be each other’s doppelgängers. The term “doppelgänger” is defined as something or someone that strongly resembles another. At AHN, people think they know everyone until they stumble upon a person who looks exactly like their friend, and have to look again to realize it is not actually them.

(Photo Credit: Gelmi Pasquier/Achona Online/Collage Factory)
Sophomore Kaela Ramos (left) and senior Alondra Quinones (right) barely know each other, but often are told they look alike.

“Last year when I was a freshman, a lot of people would ask me if I had a sister named Alondra, and some teachers call me by her name and get me confused. I met her last year once people started pointing it out more. I think we look sort of alike but not as much as everyone makes it seem,” says Ramos.


(Photo Credit: Hannah Smallwood/Achona Online)
Senior Brianna Benito (left) and sophomore Angie Prince (right) met each other through their mutual friend, Hannah Smallwood(’19).

“I think Brianna and I do look alike because we have the same hair color and the same exact skin tone. Also we both have the same backpack so we are basically twins. Hannah Smallwood was the one who first told us that we looked alike,” says Prince.

(Photo Credit:Hannah Smallwood/Achona Online)
Seniors Hannah Smallwood (left) and Bella Brooks(right) became friends in their English 4 Honors class.

Brooke Breeze (’19) said “when Bella first came to Academy, she passed me in the hall and I didn’t even realize it was her. She looks very similar to another girl in our grade, Hannah Smallwood, and at first I just thought it was her. I remember when I first really saw Bella and I couldn’t believe how much they looked alike.”

(Photo Credit: Matt Zazzero/Used with Permission)
Juniors Mia Zazzero (left) and Gabby Butler(right) play on the AHN varsity volleyball team together.
(Photo Credit:Gelmi Pasquier/Achona Online/Collage Factory)
Senior Emily Abdoney (left) and junior Gabby Tuccio (right) play  AHN’s Varsity soccer team.

Pairs like Abdoney and Tuccio, and Zazzero and Butler, met each other through AHN sports. With both pairs, their teammates were the ones who brought attention to how similar they were.


Seniors Meredith Hemmings (left) and Myah Rhines (right) have both been on the Jesuit cheer team since freshman year.

“When we were at freshman orientation, everyone kept saying I look just like Myah Rhines. I never really realized how much we looked alike until we did a couple of face swaps on Snapchat. Sometimes teachers mix us up, but our cheer coach calls us by each other’s names all the time,” says Hemmings.

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