Urban Dictionary defines glo-up as a twist of the phrase grow up, referring to a persons incredible transformation.

(Photo Credit:Gelmi Pasquier/Achona Online)

Urban Dictionary defines “glo-up” as a twist of the phrase “grow up”, referring to a person’s incredible transformation.

Senior Glo Ups: Freshman Year to Now

April 8, 2019

The four years at AHN seem to fly by and physical changes often go unnoticed, until old pictures are compared. Through the years girls glo up both physically and mentally. After looking at old pictures, girls often cringe at their fashion sense, or their physical appearance, and are able to appreciate the ways they have matured during their time at AHN. Below are some of the best glo ups from the class of 2019.

Fallon Flaharty

(Photo Credit:Fallon Flaharty/Used with Permission)
Fallon Flaharty (’19) says “I am so glad that I have changed since freshman year. When I look back, I looked so baby and I forget that I was like that just a few years ago.”

Brianna Benito

(Photo Credit:Brianna Benito/Used with Permission)
Senior Brianna Benito says, “I think that my skin and teeth have really changed since freshman year, since I took medicine for my face and got my braces off. When I look at old pictures of myself and I get embarrassed, but then I think they’re sweet since I was so young looking and look so much different from today.”


Ashley Dingle (left) and Lilly Martinez (right)

Dingle said, “When I look back at my freshman year self, I may have had braces and a baby face, but the main thing that has changed is my confidence. This picture reminds me of how far I have come since then and how I have changed as a person.”

Alondra Quinones

(Photo Credit:Alondra Quinones/Used with Permission)
Quinones  said, “When I think back on freshman year I don’t imagine me look different than I am now, but wen I see the pictures it’s crazy to see how different I did look back then.”


Gracie Jones

(Photo Credit:Gracie Jones/Used with Permission)
Jones got her braces off freshman year, which is what sparked her glo up.

“I looked so bad freshman year, and when I look at old pictures, I laugh so hard,” says Jones.

Chloe Kruszewski

(Photo Credit:Chloe Kruszewski/Used with Permission)
“When I look at myself from freshman year to now I feel like I have matured a lot into my face. Some of the things I notice most are how I used to have brace and how much darker my hair used to be.”

Myah Rhines (left) and Megan Scanlan (right)

Rhines said, “I think I have definitely changed both physically and mentally over the past few years. I think physically, I have just matured and grown into my body, but mentally, I think that I have become much more confident and comfortable in my own skin.”

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