“Now I know that if I find a frog with three legs I have made a scientific discovery that demands mass media and scientists in both lab coats and trousers,” says Alexa Fredericks (’20).

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Best AP Exam Memes

May 20, 2019

Over the past two weeks, Academy girls have been taking their advanced placement exams, hoping to score high enough to earn college credit. While every AP student’s opinion of a class may vary, everyone can at least agree the best part of the exam are the memes that follow. Here is a list of the best memes from 2019 AP exams:

AP Art History 

“The six essays required for the AP Art History exam made AP Lang look like child’s play. I barely escaped with my life,” says Claire Rogan (’20).


AP Biology

“We made it,” says Rachel Brown (’20).


AP Calculus

“The calc exam was just one of those things where you thought it couldn’t get worse…then it did,” says Achona Editor-in-Chief Juliana Ferrie (’19).


AP Chemistry

“I know my mind got buffer when I was studying for that exam,” says Lilian Tracy (’20).


AP Computer Science Principles 

“There wasn’t anything funny about it. That exam was the worst,” says Molly LeePack (’20).


AP Environmental Science

“It was humbling— I don’t think I’ve ever felt like that much of an idiot before. I found myself questioning the validity of my intelligence. It might’ve actually gone okay, but it did not feel like that— guess we’ll find out in July,” says Hira Khan (’19).


AP Human Geography 

“I’ve never seen more relatable memes in my life,” says Maria Kynkor (’21).


AP Government and Politics

“I felt very prepared for the test. I think we all did fine,” says Hannah Rodriguez (’19).


AP Language and Composition

“The Q3 is overrated,” says Sam Cuttle (’20).


AP Latin

“If I got a two it would be a miracle,” says Victoria Fuentes (’20).


AP Literature 


AP Microeconomics

“There was an FRQ about pizza and that’s really all I understood about it,” says Maya Harrell (’20).


AP Music Theory 

“The memes were so funny,” says Alley Pauley (’19).


AP Physics 

“I tried to look for AP Physics exam memes on twitter after the exam but I could hardly find any because no one understood what happened on that test,” says Maddie Chandler (’19).


AP Spanish

“I’m fluent and I don’t even know what a pedagogía is,” says Sarah Munera (’20).



AP Statistics 

“The beginning was a lot easier than I thought it would be but towards the end it became a bit more challenging,” says Grace Costantini (’20).


AP United States History

“That exam was a little ticky tacky but I think we had it in the box,” says Sophia Montero (’20).

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